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Taking PTO the days leading up to due date

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Hi mommas, writing because I decided to take 4 days of pto leading up to my due date in a few weeks with the hopes of getting a note from my OB to stay home after my due date. Now I am kind of second guessing if I should have done this...?? I guess I’m worried I’ll get bored or wish I saved the days. My job is letting me work half days anyways at this point so I’m halfway regretting the decision to take leave.  

I have about 37 days of pto saved up and was planning to hoard it and tack on to the end of my 12 weeks paid maternity leave.

What have you ladies done? Maybe I’ll have the baby a few days early and it will all be a mute point.  

Re: Taking PTO the days leading up to due date

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    My situation was different because I wasn't returning to the same job after maternity leave, but just be cognizant that your baby can be as much as 2 weeks late. My LO came 10 days late. It's a personal decision, but you're going to be uncomfortable no matter what. If you want to use your time off now, go for it. Just know that it's unlikely that you'll go into labor on your due date and will you be angry with yourself if you had (for example) a week and a half off before you went into labor.
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