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Fit Mom Friday 5/4

Anyone still working out?
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Re: Fit Mom Friday 5/4

  • I try to get 10k steps each day and I'll often go to a class like barre once a week lol. So... kind of? I should and could be doing better but between work, hanging out with DD and DH and everything getting done around the house I haven't had time. We do always spend the weekends outdoors at the beach or park so I'm not just sitting around, I think that's helped significantly. 
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  • I'm still getting to my 4 workouts a week and trying to walk on days I'm not working out. Definitely having to take more breaks though. And my joints feel all loose so I'm trying to be more careful since I feel a little extra clumsy. But it seems to take almost nothing to get my heart rate up these days. I figure as long as I'm moving and not giving into the urge to eat an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting, I'm doing ok!
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  • Not much exercise here in the past 2 weeks aside from weekly prenatal yoga but I've been hitting 10k steps as well pretty much every day. Lots of swimming and light hiking on the babymoon. I want to start adding a second yoga session per week as well as one day at the gym for weights (need to work on upper body strength for baby lifting!). Probably some Zumba here and there but not feeling the urge to do much at this time other than make sure I'm moving every day, my appetite is also decreasing. 

    Interested in checking the scale after a week of splurging...

    Good job @noideawhatshesdoing on still hitting your classes! I'm thinking in a month I'll probably incorporate swimming, it was so great to swim and snorkel this week!
  • I am still doing orangetheory, but am freezing my account later this month. It is getting to be so uncomfortable, and I feel like I have to modify everything. I also can't get my heart rate up high enough because I can't run without hip pain, and the workout is all about heart rate. I've started doing prenatal yoga videos and spend a lot of time chasing my toddler, so that should be enough to keep me healthy until baby arrives. :)
  • Been averaging about 2 classes per week. Mainly weights for strength training and Pilates reformer. I think I’m putting spin on hold now bc the last time I did it, I had leg cramps for a week. Also lots of walking. Good job everyone for keeping it up! 
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    I’m still trying to do at least half an hour of light aerobics or weight training 4-6 days a week. It’s definitely getting harder, but I just try to do what I can. Kudos to everyone getting some activity in!
  • Very proud of all that are still at it! It's definitely getting harder and harder to keep at it. I'm trying to listen to my body more now and take a day or two off if I'm feeling extra tired. Still trying to get to the gym most days, but I haven't done any weights for a few weeks. Might try to get back on that this week. Can't do much more than 30 mins of cardio without my back, belly or feet hurting. 
  • I’m also so impressed so many are still exercising! Good job ladies!
    I’m still doing 4 days of cardio a week, mostly elliptical & stairmaster for 40-45/min a pop + physical therapy for my SPD and diastasis :(
    I tend to workout mon-Thursday, and take off Friday - Sunday (the balance of activity and sleeping in / naps has worked for me!). Hoping I can keep it up awhile longer, but 31w Wednesday and feeling HUGE and hot all the time!
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