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2nd Trimester

Sucky Second Trimester!

Im exhausted, I feel like im about to pop, doing overtime to save for a house, have a ridiculous aching pain in my ribs. Woman in Iceland said "only a couple of weeks left then?" (I'm only 24 weeks gone). Burping sick...swollen feet...i'm over it!

Re: Sucky Second Trimester!

  • ME. TOO. Only 14wks but everyone's like "are you excited?!" And I'm like "not really at the moment ..." my GERD is out of control, makes me look fat not pregnant, shortness of breath, dizziness, vomiting (I think it's all GERD related) but feel like I can't complain because I don't look pregnant. Thought this was all 3T stuff. Glowing and cute baby bump second trimester cruise my ass. 
    Age 32, FTM, cis-hetero, married since 11-2016. Love is love is love is love.
  • My body is apparently deciding to go through puberty again all of a sudden. Acne, BAD B.O., greasy, greasy hair... wheres this glow again?!
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