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Both Parents CF Carriers

Hi all!  So we recently found out that both my fiance and I are carriers of Cystic Fibrosis.  Meaning our little one has a 25% chance of having it.  I know it’s a small percentage, but having that now hang over our heads is not the best.  We see a genetic counselor this week and will find out more.  I just wanted some input and thoughts from others out there who maybe went through something similar and if you had a CVS or an amnio.  Any advice helps! Thanks!!
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Re: Both Parents CF Carriers

  • Hi.  I know this was posted a while back, so don't know if you will see this.
    Some couples do IVF with PGD testing, and only transfer embryos without two copies of the gene.  Potentially you could choose embryos with no copies of the CF gene.  The cost is around 25-30k, if that is an issue, some employers do cover ivf, also a couple states require coverage, and grants and pharmacy discounts are available.  
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