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Monday Bitchfest 4/30

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Re: Monday Bitchfest 4/30

  • Selfishly started... didn't see one and it's lunch time on Monday...First day back in the office in 3 weeks and i'm already exhausted...maybe i'll try again Friday

    I'm way too cranky/tired/hormonal for my in-laws this week.  They "dropped by" yesterday because they were out and thought they could come by and watch the kid so we could see Infinity Wars - in their defense they DID call first...but then came late and complained that the movie was going to be late and they wanted to be home early (they said 1, came closer to 2, and movies in our area start 12-2 or the 4 pm was the closest time of 5 theaters).  My MIL has now started buying clothes for the baby and as expected they are stereotypical boy onesies with sports themes - smile and nod and say thank you and throw in the daycare pile.  I'm not ungrateful, they just have $ issues and it drives me nuts when she drops all this cash on useless things for the kids like clothes they'll wear once that's ugly and F or baby dolls almost identical to the one you already bought her.    FIL (who is usually my favorite/buddy of the 4 parents) is trying to take over our kitchen remodel despite having no idea what he's doing (he's a plumber not a GC) and treating us like children which is going right up my hormonal ass.  We contacted GC's through Home Adviser and one comes out the 10th for a quote for adult supervision.  Oh and even though we'd picked all the materials, DH took me to Lowe's yesterday to re-look at accent tiles and floors... so I blew up at him 2x this weekend that this is what he always does - we make a decision and then he wants to re-visit and so I eventually give up and say "whatever you want".  After my scene in Lowe's he said we could go back to the tile I want and backed away slowly. Beware the crazy pregnant lady!  Also all my coworkers are acting like children today and I just want to shake them to grow up.

    Part of me wants to start an Infinity Wars spoiler discussion...any other major Marvel fans here?
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  • Came into work today needing to rush to get my last few things done for the end of the period to find that my boss has setup a meeting for about 30 mins after I got to work. This was a meeting that didn’t need to happen to close the period and it was about something I had discussed with her multiple times. About 30 mins after the meeting she called asking when my final entries for the period would be in.  :| Well probably about 30 mins ago If I didn’t have to go to that meeting. Ugh...just needed to rant. 
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  • @gingerbride26 growing up I was huuuuuge into collecting Xmen comics and had a ridiculous collection, but when all the comic book movies started coming out, I just wasn't interested anymore. I am like that though, a complete fanatic for 10 years, then one day I wake up and I am just over it.

  • I am so horribly sick and today is DH's long day, he left at 7 and we be home until 9 and so I'm responsible for the puppy all day and since our yard is only partially fenced I have to walk her out there and put her on the runner and watch her. I just feel so weak and sore and I'm hacking up phlegm every 30 seconds which  makes me nauseous. I was sick like this at the beginning of my 2nd trimester too and that time the phlegm situation got so bad that I was throwing up non stop and had to go to the hospital to get hydrated. I'm just hoping this doesn't end up like that, I've only thrown up once so I guess so far so good. But seriously I would kill for some mucinex
  • @gingerbride26 We haven't seen Infinity Wars yet, it's a pretty heavy geek house here and we're dying to see it. But H is being strong and suggests we wait until we can watch it at home because so I'm not missing chunks of the movie because I have to get up to pee every 15 minutes! :'(   I've heard really polarizing things about it, but most of the nit picky negative seems to be from people not familiar with how a comic book or graphic novel is normally set up though.

    On another note, poor H told me yesterday he wishes he was planning my shower because my mom and bff who are hosting it seem to have really disparate idea for the shower and aren't getting along well and he thinks even if they merged their ideas together that it will still be so off the mark from anything I'd actually enjoy. I'm annoyed that my mom and bff had dragged my H into it to referee. Plus both have apparently gone insane and are just going over the top and trying to do too much. Yesterday bff asked H what Pandora stations I usually listen to because she wants to play those as background music at the shower, I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard when he tried to explain to her that maybe my taste in music isn't the best for a baby shower because maybe, just maybe Metallica, Foo Fighters and Merle Haggard might be a bit strange. I told him to tell her we didn't need music. But annoyed I agreed to have a shower, and that H is even having to deal with it at all, and double annoyed that he's now feeling like he should have planned something because that is absolutely one thing that the father-to-be should not be doing.
  • @noideawhatshesdoing I was so proud - I made it through the whole movie without peeing but DH had to get up halfway through - I was like "you're going NOW!?" he was trying to time it before the action got too heavy SMH.  If you are going to wait until it comes out on video I might stay off the internet until then :( not sure you can survive that long without spoilers....just wear a depends diaper like a surgeon and go for it!
    That really sucks about the shower :( I wish you minimal drama/stress until it passes.

    @carsonraynee - my OB told me I could have mucinex when I had bronchitis for a month...not sure if that's a common OB opinion or not but it might be worth calling your OB/Nurse line to ask if you are miserable.  Def could be a little mucinex is way better/safer than you ending up dehydrated or puking again :( feel better
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  • @noideawhatshesdoing the is equal parts hilarious, frustrating, and sweet! What a good H you have for wanting to make sure you have a nice shower!

  • @gingerbride26 I figure by the time we get around to seeing it, we'll have heard everything about it anyways. I'm not too concerned about the spoilers anyway because living with H, anything comic book related is a spoiler anyway. We have minimal storage in our home and 2 of our closets are filled floor to ceiling with his comic book collection. So... not to much to spoil here anyways. LOL. At least I read my manga online so it doesn't take up physical space. And I was already dreading the shower because my social anxiety makes group things not fun in general, so now I'm really dreading it. But mostly I'm just pissed they dragged H into it. That's really unfair to him, he has a lot on his plate right now too.

    @hillbillywife H really is the best, I'd be a complete mess without him in general, but throughout this pregnancy he's been even more awesome and solid even though I know he's totally filled with anxiety, etc as well. He hardly even complained even back when he got a man cold because he didn't want to burden me.
  • DH was being a dick this morning- I couldn't find my pants and was flipping out and instead of offering to help look for them he was bitching at me for bitching that I couldn't find them.  Then proceeded to tell me "this is why I dont love you sometimes"   :worried: I legit flipppppped out on him.....who says that to your pregnant wife?! Or just your wife in general?!
  • SmashJamSmashJam member
    edited April 2018
    @gingerbride26 @noideawhatshesdoing we are big into the Marvel universe over here, although we never read the comics. We watch the shows and are caught up almost (we have one episode until we are caught up on legion and have to watch Jessica Jones season 2), but haven't seen Black Panther or Infinity Wars, and likely won't til they are out of theaters. We are lame and have no babysitters, the last movie we saw in theaters DH surprised me with whatever the latest Fast and Furious was as a date, because I love them, and MIL watched DS.

    ETA my bitch: I went to bounce house today with DS and there was a kid there that is usually super rambunctious with DS, they chase each other around and wrestle. But it was his dad there instead of his mom or nanny or whoever is usually there and it totally threw off the dynamic. At one point I thought I heard him tell him to stay away from DS because he was being bad, and once he called DS a baby, as in "he's a baby he doesn't understand how to act, you're a big boy you know better." DS was super confused bc this made the kid way different towards DS, like, making fun of him for playing with baby toys, making fun of him for eating again, and DS didn't get it. I mean, they are wild and rambunctious together but don't hurt other kids and have fun, but the dad was not ok with that. It kind of made me feel like because that dad was warning his kid away from DS, that other parents were keeping their kids away from DS too. I always try not to step in, hoping the kids will say stop (unless its a smaller kid and then I'm there), but today the vibe was definitely that my DS's behavior was not ok. Now I'm super down and I am gonna do some yoga to relax and forget about it.
  • @SmashJam I don't even remember the last movie H and I saw in theaters. Usually we wait and watch things at home because I get ragey at the theater anyway when people wait until the freaking movie starts to actually open all their really noisy candy wrappers, or when people talk/whisper during the movie. I take my movie watching pretty seriously though, film degree and background in film production here, so we invested in a better setup at home. And that has worked out well recently because I can't make it through a movie without having to take bathroom breaks right now.

    @babygagnon2018 EWW! No! Never say something like that to your spouse. What a jerk! I'm so sorry he said that!
  • @SmashJam I will confess - we take afternoons off and go while the kid is in daycare lol or go for double-triple features while she's with mimi for the day on a Saturday.  DH's birthday is 5/5 so the big Marvel movie always comes out his birthday weekend and it's tradition at this point.  We haven't seen JJ2 yet either - or really most of the ones on Netflix and haven't gotten into Legion.
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  • @babygagnon2018 what the actual f?? You may think those things but you don't actually SAY them. Ugh I'm sorry. 

    @carsonraynee when I was on my death bed with the flu a few weeks ago the midwife told me to definitely take mucinex but to make sure it was just the plain kind,  no other ingredients. You can always try knocking yourself out with benadryl. Hope you feel better soon!

    My BF is Cinco de Mayo. My husbands runs the catering department for a chain on Mexican restaurants. Obviously is is their busiest day of the year. So for 2 weeks now, his work cell phone has been ringing nonstop with catering orders, including weekends. Its a 24 hour catering hot line that goes straight to his work cell. Come on people, wait  til Monday to call, there is no reason you must put your order in at dinnertime on a Sunday for the following weekend. It's good because he gets commission, so I would never fault him for  taking the calls, but it's just annoying. They are also launching a taco truck/food truck and their first event/booking is Saturday...Cinco de Mayo! So the place that was putting the decal on the truck messed up and it won't be ready until Wednesday, then they need to get in there and get their bearings/train staff on  how to use the dam thing. So now he's missing the hospital tour Tuesday night because of a late work meeting, missing interviewing/meeting the babysitter Wednesday night who might start watching our son on Thursday because he has to work late getting  the food truck ready, probably missing my meet and greet with potential doctor that morning too, and he has to work Friday night and all of Saturday, when I am struggling to keep up with my toddler because I'm in a lot of pain. I'm happy he's busy but feeling overwhelmed being on my own for all these things. Also, what good is Cinco de Mayo when you can't have a margarita?? AND I can't even really have the yummy food either, thanks to GD. That bonus check better be really good this month. 
  • May seem childish but i don’t care anymore i am not folding any of DHs clothes anymore. He always says he will help but it’s by over a month since he last “helped”. Plus he will only wash a load with mostly his clothes (the darks) so if i don’t wash the rest i look like I’m going to a funeral each day. How about i just wash my own dishes and he can do the rest if he needs them?? Same logic right. I’ve been boycotting folding laundry so now i can barely see the couch.
  • I like Marvel just fine but DH is a big fan, we will go see the movie here in Hawaii probably. We got movie pass before the deal went bad so we wanna see all the movies before the baby!
    @zande2016 sorry about Cinco de Mayo and DH being so crazy busy and missing stuff, I really don't understand the whole Cinco deal tbh!
    @babygagnon2018 add it to "things to never say to your wife no matter what!". Not cool.
    @wildtot my DH is actually great at doing laundry but I also never fold his stuff!
    @noideawhatshesdoing it is very sweet of your DH to think that but I agree it's also frustrating he is in that situation.
    @smashjam sorry you're sad! What a crappy thing to overhear.
    @gingerbride26 glad you enjoyed the movie and sorry about the kitchen remodel and being back to work in the office. Wishing you a smooth week! BF below...
  • @gingerbride26 love Marvel movies! We went Thursday night to see Avengers and we loved it! My husband said it’s acually only about a year until the next one so I jokingly told him to go ahead and setup a babysitter lol

    @babygagnon2018 who the hell says that to their pregnant wife!?!? I think I would have had some pretty nasty words for him after that. 

    @wildtot I used to do that when we lived in an apartment! I figured out if I stopped doing it long enough then he would get fed up and do it. My logic was I clean the rest of the apartment typically so he could at least do laundry. Now that we live in a house I still do most of the cleaning and we share laundry but he has outside stuff he does so it evens out some :)
  • morethanamamamorethanamama member
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    HOLY SHIT UNITED AIRLINES. They nailed the coffin. I'm downgrading my Chase United credit card to a different product line and never flying with them again until I forget what happened yesterday!

    So we flew to Texas for a wedding. Yeah, kind of backwards to go to Hawaii from there but we wanted to see friends one more time before baby and leaving to Hawaii directly was going to save us another weekend of traveling on a different date.

    We flew to Denver at 9am from Dallas, no issues. Direct flight to Maui was at 1130am. We board the plane, it's 1125 and they announce a mechanical issue with the navigation system. Wtf?? You JUST NOW realize that? So we wait. And we wait. And at noon they say oh this may take a while. You can leave the plane if you wish but stay in the boarding area as we leave as soon as this is fixed.

    I immediately left even though DH was skeptical. So guess what. Time goes by and people keep trickling off the plane. The "updates" from the crew are "no updates". 2 hours go by, they have no plan. I realize I have two lounge passes, there's a lounge by the gate. My prego brain forgot and we had already bought food but we proceeded to the lounge and ate and drank everything in sight. Time keeps passing...

    4HOURS LATER and no plan. Still fixing the plane, no other plane to get to Hawaii. Finally, at 4PM they announce a plane is coming to get us and we will leave at 630pm... So grateful for the lounge, water, food, and comfy chairs but I'm starting to be delirious.

    Plane arrives. Guess what! We ask to confirm seats , lady at the desk said not to worry but meanwhile people are boarding. We quickly get upgraded to economy plus and have an empty seat between us.

    Curve ball! Looks like this plane cannot make it to Hawaii! Needs more fuel! So...we are going to SAN FRANCISCO instead! Like wtf United. We finally leave, LATE, like at 8pm. We are so angry and exhausted. This plane of course has no movies. We get to San Francisco and of course we have to wait for the crew's paperwork and the refueling. They assure us the rental car companies in Maui will stay open for us. We take off at 10PM and we aren't served any water or snacks for 5 hours ! I had refilled all of our bottles and had a bunch of snacks but thay was so ridiculous! I already issued a complaint and will try to get my Chase credit card points back. We got to the hotel at 2am and thankfully luggage and rental car did not have any issues.

    The hotel is absolutely fabulous and worth the wait and I'm thankful we only really missed an afternoon but I'm SO TIRED now! I am jet lagged and only slept 4 hours, but at least I'm here in an amazingly comfortable bed. We have a giant soaking tub I plan to use. Please don't fly United if you don't have to! LOL.
  • @kissableviv you are the second person since Friday I have heard complain about never flying United again after their weekend. The other one was coming back from Wales or something. 

    @wildtot I sure hope boycotting worked for you. If I boycott anything it just doesn't get done, DH doesn't actually care about cleaning. I've boycotted dishes before, trash, etc, and they just pile up, until we have literally no dishes and then someone has to do them and its gross in the kitchen. He isn't trying to be a dick he just doesn't care about being clean. I had to start saying, "I really NEED you to scrape the dinner dishes and put them in the sink and put the dinner away so I get some down time in the evening." I plan on upping it from there (next step is unloading the dishwasher while I am putting DS down! GASP), but boycotting was a huge backfire for me, lol. 
    I'm also not allowed to do his laundry because sometimes I don't fold it in time so it gets wrinkled and he gets annoyed by it. so he just doesn't do any laundry. For months. And when it starts to get grimy from sweat and deodorant and just dirtiness overall i wait til he leaves for work and take all his clothes and make sure its the only laundry I do that day so I can wash/dry it and fold it and sneak it back in before he notices. 
  • @SmashJam lol i sure hope so. I’ve done it before where i told him i wouldn’t fold his and it worked for a while but I’m just tired overall and i feel like putting up with his laziness and empty promises these days. Hey since he’s having his toenail removed on mother’s day weekend he can sit there and fold it right lol that can be my gift. 
  • @kissableviv UGH that sounds's good you have a week in Maui to make you forget all of that and soak away the stress. Have fun! 
  • @kissableviv omg that sounds horrible! I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. We flew Alaska and had no issues either way, even with checking luggage. I hope your flight home is much less eventful! Enjoy your week!!
  • I'd be so pissed if an airline made me miss even one afternoon in Maui. Sorry that happened. Hopefully they can make it up to you!

    I have only been there once, but I reallllly want to go back!  We usually just opt for a cruise since they are cheaper in general, but once we finally get the cars and some other debts paid off, I want to go back!

  • @rachelsogo we are flying Alaska too on the way back , thankfully! I know they are pretty great. I for sure plan on demanding some of the points I used back, looks like they are expecting people to complain big time. Plus I can play the pregnant card...they don't need any bad publicity right now lol!
  • @kissableviv that’s terrible! I hope Maui makes up for that horrible experience! Definitely
    pull the pregnant card! 

    @SmashJam ummmm can the laundry fairy make a stop to my house? DH is the same way, unless I specifically ask him to do something and make it seem like he’s doing me a favor, it won’t get done unless I do it. 

    @wildtot boycotts get me nowhere- DH is dirt/mess blind and would happily live in filth. I wash, dry and fold all the laundry and ask DH to put away his own clothes so he’s not asking me where they are.. Do you think he does it? He’s got 3 baskets of clean folded clothes on top of his dresser. A little part of me hopes the
    cat pees in one of them, but I know I’d be the one cleaning it. 
  • @acunamatada ahaha I’ve thought about the car thing too! I tell him the cat will pee on his stuff if he doesn’t clean it in time (it’s true though). 
    Kinda getting over my BF after a nice big strawberry shake.
  • just a quick one before I have to get off the computer: maybe I'm delusional, but how is it possible that I bust my ass getting my work done in the limited hours I work each week AND agree to take on additional projects AND am getting recruited for other positions and constantly complimented on my work (so I'm asked to do more), AND I got an exceeded on my annual review, YET I am not nominated for staff awards. I heard my co-worker was nominated.
    Awards can be silly, but when I'm not recognized officially/publicly like everyone else seems to be, I wonder why I'm putting all this effort in when others are rewarded for doing the bare minimum. I need this maternity leave bad.

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • My mom just started drama over the middle name because it’s FILs middle name too. DS1 isn’t name after anyone but they always picked on how to pronounce it with a Spanish accent. Of course they pick on this one too and i hold my words. Well she’s hurt because i didn’t name either of them after my dad (who has no middle name). And how i have to tell him why we picked the middle name and break his heart. And how she is sadden by the way we do certain things and she hopes it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass. Like really??? I told her they sorry but it’s our choice to pick names and that will tell him that too. I would never expect anyone to name someone after me! I told her sorry she feels like this and hope it doesn’t change how he loved him. And to think they will be the first to meet him and help us? That’s their honor - to be the first! 
  • @wildtot her problem, not yours. Sorry she's being that way!
  • I’m sitting in the waiting room of my dentists office because i either broke my tooth or lost a filling eating spinach artichoke dip on saturday, but i would rather be running down the street naked.  :'(:'(:'( EXTREME ANXIETY. 
  • @KatyF0813 that’s annoying! We actually just painted our nursery grey with a navy accent wall and I love it! You should definitely go for it. My husband hates painting but couldn’t really buck on me bc that room was an ugly pink color so we couldn’t leave it. When we moved in it was just an extra room we never did anything with. 

    @kissableviv that sounds like the flight experience from hell. I would be so livid. I always get anxiety about something like that happening so that seriously is my nightmare. Hope you have an awesome baby moon!

    @wildtot that’s seriously crappy of her. No one should try to guilt someone into naming a child after anyone else. Or make fun of a name that’s already given to a child. I’m sorry she’s being that way.

    @flockofmoosen3 lack of recognition at work is the worst. I think sometimes they take good employees for granted and stop noticing how great their work is because they’re used to that level of performance from them. But when “average joe” employee does something really well it’s noticed since they don’t always perform to that level. It’s frustrating but happens so often.

  • Ants! They sprayed outside last week and well now all the ants have found a way inside. I’m talking every time I go to the kitchen I kill 3-6 of them. Grr. So I’ll have to call tomorrow for them to come spray inside. Which means remove everything from my cabinets.
  • @KatyF0813 What's it with men and not wanting to paint? We don't have to repaint the nursery because I chose a gender neutral grey accent wall for DD and we're just changing the curtains/accents for DS, but he was pitching a fit about repainting the new office accent wall (currently guest room and burgundy)

    @wildtot I'm so sorry - why do mom's suck so much sometimes? My mom didn't play emotional warfare like that or wind up my dad, that's just mean, but my mother HATES DD's name (Ashlynn James) and thinks we named her after the magical lion Aslan and often calls her Ashley.  Why can't people just keep their crap to themselves.

    @flockofmoosen3 I don't understand why so many companies are doing this; abuse good employees until they get fed up and leave, but don't terminate bad employees so when the stars leave you are left with less than mediocrity.  I was actually just talking about this with one of my managers yesterday.  I'm over the idea of disposable human resources.
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  • +1 for the hubs not wanting to paint the room. I asked for just one wall too.

    @wildtot This is why I do not tell people the name before the baby is born! People make less comments afterwards because you tend to sound like a jerk critizing a baby’s name.

    I am irritated that people will offer to help but not really ever help. My in laws watch DS from time to time, which is nice but it is when they want to see DS not when we need them. What bugs me is that my MIL will send a text asking what she can do for us but if you name something, it is more of an effort than it is worth or they say no. I think they want to be nice and ask but hope we don’t ask for anything. She sent another text like that, and I have not even responded. My parents are 8 hours away and when they visit, they just watch me do the work and don’t really help. They will play with DS but sometimes just stop and say “I will just watch you two play.”  Anyway, this week my mom revealed that she was upset because I didn’t send Christmas cards this year so she didn’t send us an anniversary card. If that is her biggest problem...

    Not really a specific rant but just get jealous of people with families that all pitch in and I feel like I get no help. I am just coming off of being sick and I am grumpy.

  • @chaser61 PREACH. I feel like my MIL will offer to watch DS when she wants to play with him but then makes it sound like we only call her to watch DS when we really need her. My dad is also like your parents, he just watches me run around, follows me to tell me stories while i'm doing things, and will only really help if I'm like, "Hey dad! Can you take DS in the other room?" He got better before he moved but he was more of a hands off grandparent for most of the time. Makes me nervous for visits with baby #2.
  • Thanks @SmashJam. Some of my friends say having an involved family can be too much sometimes but at this point, I would take it! 
  • @chaser61 HELL YEA! DH's family is super tight and always in eachother's business but I find it's the same thing - they SAY call if you need anything but... last summer when DH was on a business trip, our central air was out and it was supposed to hit 90, I asked FIL if he could come put the window unit in upstairs since i couldn't lift it and he told me to go sleep on the couch downstairs with the 1 year old...  yet when I ask MIL not to clean my house when I'm not there she cleans everything and throws out non-trash stuff...
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  • @chaser61 I can definitely commiserate with that. My in laws will babysit occasionally but a lot of times there’s a lot of back and forth about schedules and time and it usually ends up feeling not worth it. My family lives literally the whole way across the US from me so we only get to see them about once a year. And my best friends entire family lives in basically our same county so everyone dotes on her all the time. Usually I’m okay with not having my family nearby but sometimes it feels really crappy. 

  • I am so tired of being pregnant!!! I’m only 31 weeks and I’m completely spent. I haven’t worked the whole time. Barely hung out with friends. I am over this !!! Somebody please pull the trigger!!! I don’t want to go pee ever again. I feel like my clitoris has toilet paper rash. There’s a hemmroid on my butthole the size of a gum ball that will not go back in. My nose is wide. I’m getting nauseated again which means I’m not enjoying food. What is life if one can not enjoy wings, pizzna, pasta, bread, and all the other most desirable bad for you things I love. I get it, it’s a blessing, your almost done, hang in there Mama but I am done. Take it out !!!!!
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