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Postpartum check in

How is everyone? Almost three weeks postpartum here. Still pretty sore in the pelvic area and still taking the pain meds on and off. Minor bleeding/spotting. Feel fatigued from a baby who goes between 2-3.5 hours between feeds 24/7. Toddler daughter is adjusting ok but two is exhausting!! I feel more confident as a mom this time but more concerned about my own recovery this time around. I am still pretty sore and I don’t remember that last time. 

Re: Postpartum check in

  • The soreness is mostly gone for me, but there’s still some bleeding. Not too bad anymore, though.

    I’m dead tired, too. The baby eats every 1.5-2 hrs, she will be 3 weeks this Saturday. I’ve tried to pump some milk so that my husband could feed her at night every once in a while, but the amount of milk needed for a single night is actually insane for such a small thing, and I can’t get out that much milk over just one day. One of my breasts is totally clogged, and I hate feeding her from it because it hurts so much, so I try to empty it with the pump.

    The baby doesn’t sleep much during the day unless I take her out, so I can’t sleep when she’s sleeping. I can barely take a shower/grab something eat/go to the bathroom before she starts crying for food again. I hope this gets easier before I lose my mind. I’ve lost 20 lbs since the birth (which is more than I gained during the pregnancy).
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  • @stemgirl11 dangle feeding helped me best when I had a clog with my first DD. Also massaging the clogged spot by pushing towards the nipple, especially in the shower. Hope it gets better fast.
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  • @StephieMK Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the tips, dangle feeding did end up being the solution :)
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  • How’s it going @stemgirl11? Did your weight loss stabilize?
  • @rmmorris Yes it did, thanks for asking! :) I’m a couple of pounds lighter than before the pregnancy, but at least my weight is now stable.
    Me & DH: 28
    EDD #1: 4/2018
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