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Wonky Ovulation after CP

First time posting... had 27 day cycles and ovulated usually on CD 17 got my first BFP after 4 months TTC but had a missed miscarriage in mid Feb 2018 took Cytotec. The first cycle after the MMC I ovulated much earlier than usual on CD10 and got my second BFP in Late March. That ended in a chemical and CD 1 started April 4. Since then I’ve been using OPKS ... first positive on CD 10, second positive on CD 17, and THIRD positive on CD 24 (which has been the darkest yet!) what is going on with my body ?! Has anyone ever experienced this where your body tries to ovulate multiple times and has it ever resulted in a BFP? Feeling discouraged and angry that my body isn’t doing what it’s meant to. TIA. 

Re: Wonky Ovulation after CP

  • So sorry to hear of your losses. It can take some time for your body to get back in sync after all it has been through. Trust that your body is doing what it needs to heal and be good to yourself.

    Are you tracking BBT to confirm ovulation? I have seen others experience similar multiple surges before ovulation actually is able to occur after a loss. Your body may just be trying to get back on track. It is so fruatrating to be going through that!

    Feel free to join us in our regular weekly or monthly threads (TTCAL weekly and monthly WTO and TWW  threads) and read back over some of them. You may find some comfort in seeing similar experiences there!

    Peace to you @teenibee!
  • So sorry for your losses. B2b losses really suck. I agree, maybe consider tracking BBT. It really helps figure out what your body is doing. Welcome.
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  • teenibee You could be experiencing an annovulatory cycle with multiple surges. Or your body could be trying to gear up for O, but not actually O'ing. After MC, especially 2 CPs back-to-back, your body may need time to reset itself. The only way to really know what's going on would be to track your temperatures. I'd recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility and getting a BBT to track. Don't get too frustrated. Your body may be doing what it is supposed to, which is trying to reset itself after 2 losses!!! It can take time for that to happen. Like, months and months of time. Don't try to rush the process!
  • Thanks for your responses ladies! I have a BBT Thermometer that I’ve used before the MC’s, didn’t track this cycle but definitely will start again whenever AF decides to show. I’m having a hard time remaining patient. I feel like my biological clock is ticking at 32 and want to be a mama so badly!!! 
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