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Joint accounts

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who has joint accounts vs separate accounts with their partner?

Re: Joint accounts

  • We have joint accounts. If we had started living together later in life when we already had car payments and various auto-payments, we may have just maintained separate accounts.
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    Joint. Makes life so much easier
  • Joint. We’ll have been married for 12 years this weekend and we’ve had them since the beginning. Between all of the kids, assets, and bills we need to worry about, separate accounts would have been way too complicated for us.
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  • We have joint we use for our mutual expenses. It is where the majority our our income is deposited and gets priority. We share a savings account too. But we each still have our own checking accounts .we get to put away a little bit in there to use for our own luxuries/ surprises and gifts for each other. So he can't complain if I buy shoes and I can't complain if he buys video games!  We started it when we moved in together after getting engaged and it's worked for approx 8 years. 
  • Both, similar to what @Aug2016BBNY wrote
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