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When did you stop PIO?

Hello, there!
I am currently 7 weeks pregnant after my third FET. My RE has me on 1ml of PIO twice a day now, I am supposed to switch to once a day at 8 weeks and stop completely at 10 weeks. After a mad search on the internet I am left under the impression that it is too early to stop PIO at 10 weeks. Am I being paranoid? Should I just trust my doctor? What do you all think? When did you stop or planning to stop progesterone? What dose were/are you on? 
Me 30, DH 39
TTC since Aug 2015, 
BFP Apr 2017 - late diagnosed EP, right tube removed, left tube scarred.
Dx: tubal IF
IVF Sept 2017, 7 R, 6M, 6F- 4 blasts, 1 transferred fresh - CP
FET #1 Dec 2017- BFN
FET #2 Jan 2018- CP
FET #3 BFP!!! EDD 12/15/2018!

Re: When did you stop PIO?

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    @DecemberDoll27 I’m on a lower dose after fresh transfer than when I was for FET. I’m doing 1ml a day until 11w 6d

    i know that for FET, my clinic had me do 1.5 ml a day and then go down to 1ml at 9w and stop at 11w 6d. 
    TTC history in spoiler box:
    Me: 42, single
    Hysteroscopy: 2013
    IUI #1-2: 2013 BFN
    Surgery 10/2015: Planned to start trying again but had a surgery. (Not related to fertility)
    Surgery 5/2016: Planned to start trying again but had another surgery. (Not related to fertility)
    IUI  #3-5 (with Clomid): summer 2016 BFN
    IVF #1: 11/2016. 30R; 21M; 20F; 8B (6 day5 & 2 day6); 4 normal after PGS
    Medicated FET #1: 1/31/2017 transferred 1 embryo 3AA. BFP. Embryo stopped growing at 6w 1d. MUA at 9w 3d.
    Medicated FET #2June 2017 - cancelled...
    Hysteroscopy #2: June 2017
    Medicated FET #2: 8/7/2017 transferred 1 embryo 5BB. BFP. Ended in CP.
    Medicated FET #3: 10/11/2017 transferred 1 embryo 3AA. BFN
    ERA: December 2017 - need an extra 12 hours of PIO
    Medicated FET #4: 1/24/2018 transferred 1 embryo 4AA. BFN
    Out of embryos.  :'(
    IVF #2: 03/2018.

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  • <div class=" Quote"><span><b>I am currently 7 weeks pregnant after my third FET. </b></span></div>CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
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    I think there was another post here not too long ago about the same thing, everyone weighing in, so you can see more responses there, too.  But I stopped PIO at 8 weeks, when I was discharged from the RE and switched to suppositories for 2 weeks, and then stopped progesterone completely at 10 weeks.

    Your doctor's plan sounds good to me!  Whee!!!  So exciting!!!
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  • Thanks @BusinessWife! It is nice to finally be on the other side! 
    I will try to look for that older post!
    Me 30, DH 39
    TTC since Aug 2015, 
    BFP Apr 2017 - late diagnosed EP, right tube removed, left tube scarred.
    Dx: tubal IF
    IVF Sept 2017, 7 R, 6M, 6F- 4 blasts, 1 transferred fresh - CP
    FET #1 Dec 2017- BFN
    FET #2 Jan 2018- CP
    FET #3 BFP!!! EDD 12/15/2018!
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  • Yay! @DecemberDoll27 congrats!!! I stopped PIO at 6 weeks and switched to suppositories. I was on the suppositories until 12ish weeks I think. 

    Me 34 DH 36 Married since July 2010 
    MFI (High DNA Fragmentation) & Mild endometriosis
    TTC #1 since June 2015 
    Aug 2016 - May 2017  6 IUI's with letrozole - BFN
    April 2017 - laparoscopy to remove mild endo
    June 2017 - Mini IVF letrozole 12.5mg, Gonal-F 75IU - Cancelled early ovulation, no eggs retrieved. 
    Aug/Sept 2017 - Mini IVF letrozole 12.5mg, Gonal-F 75IU, cetrotide - 13 eggs retrieved, 11 mature
    5 eggs ICSI'd 6 eggs frozen - 1 day 5 blast transfered, 2 expanded blast frozen - BFP!
    May 2018 - Baby girl born - Our Joy

    TTC #2 since July 2019
    July 2019 - FET - BFN
    Jan 2020 - FET - canceled due to family health issues
    Mar 2020 - FET - low beta - chemical pregnancy
    July 2020 - ICSI'd remaining 6 eggs - 3 fertilized - 2 survived to early blast stage, transfered both - Chemical Pregnancy

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  • Congratulations @DecemberDoll27!  I stopped PIO and estrogen at 10 weeks exactly.  You are not alone to be nervous to stop which is why this thread shows up every several weeks but it's all good.  
    History and blog link in spoiler
    2016 - dx with super low ovarian reserve; failed cycle with clomid, failed IUI, 
    2017 - egg retrieval #1 - 3 eggs, 0 embryos appropriate for transfer; ER #2 2 eggs, 0 embryos on day 3; ER #3 1 egg 0 embryos
    moved to donor egg in summer 2017; 35 eggs retrieved; 19 fertilized; 9 total embryos
    Fresh transfer Dec 2017= BFP!  baby boy born 8/22/18

    May 2019 - surprise natural pregnancy ended in MC
    Nov 2019 FET; MC at 9 weeks
    May 2020 FET; BFN
    July 2020 FET; CP treated with methotrexate
    Oct 2020 BFP! 

    Take a look at my blog

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  • @DecemberDoll27 My original FET Schedule had me stopping PIO and Progesterone suppositories at 10 weeks.  However they recently extended that to "as close as you can get to 12 weeks without reordering".  That being said, I would trust your doctor.  
    December FET Spreadsheet
    TTC History in spoiler  Instagram
    Me 35 - DH 42
    Married Oct 2007
    TTC Since Oct 2010 - MFI Diagnosis 2012 (Morphology 1% + High DNA Frag)
    IUI x2 in 2012 - BFN
    IVF #1 Feb 2018 - 9 Retrieved - 8 Mature - 5 Fertilized - 2 Snowbabies - no testing
    FET#1 March 2018 - BFP - MMC May @ 10w4d
    FET#2 July 2018 - BFN
    IVF #2 Nov 2018 - 10 Retrieved - 10 Mature - 8 Fertilized - 2 Snowbabies - no testing
    “Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about.”― Winston Churchill
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  • Thank you @laurad75 and @ChristenMA83! I feel better about stopping at 10 weeks now
    Me 30, DH 39
    TTC since Aug 2015, 
    BFP Apr 2017 - late diagnosed EP, right tube removed, left tube scarred.
    Dx: tubal IF
    IVF Sept 2017, 7 R, 6M, 6F- 4 blasts, 1 transferred fresh - CP
    FET #1 Dec 2017- BFN
    FET #2 Jan 2018- CP
    FET #3 BFP!!! EDD 12/15/2018!
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  • @decemberdoll27 Ahhh I'm so excited to see you here! Congratulations friend <3

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  • Congrats!!! This is my third FET as well and I am also nervous to stop the meds. I was on 1ml of PIO injections until I got my first beta and my progesterone level was a little low so they bumped me up to 1.5ml daily. I was also instructed to stop all medications at 10 weeks which will be this Sunday! I’m excited for no more sore butt, but I worry also! 
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  • @decemberdoll27  Congrats!!!!
    I stopped estrogen around 9 weeks, because I run out and my dr didn't feel the need to re-order to go one more week.
    I stopped PIO (1ml once a day) at 10 weeks. Did a lot of obsessive reading, as it also felt very early to me, but it was all good :) Also, last 2 weeks of injections were a real torture with shooting pain through my legs, and I had to use the same side for the last few days, as the other side became way too sensitive.
    Trust your doctor! It was weird to be totally off all the meds, but once you get confidence that the pregnancy is still progressing, it's nice to start enjoying the "normal pregnancy" together with the other non-IF moms :)
    My story in signature spoiler. Children mentioned.
    Me: 37 DH: 45
    I don't produce FSH, so no natural menstrual cycle. DH has reduced morphology.
    Summer 2014 IUI (with first husband): cancelled after almost a month of stims due to too many follicles
    Time off to divorce, get back on my feet, find a new hubby and get married again 💑
    March 2017 IVF#1: ~70 follicles, 13R, 10M, 7F, 3B = 2 PGS Normal (both XY) - no transfer due to ohss
    Sept 2017 FET#1: BFP, Beta#1 (10dpt) - 253, Beta#2 (12dpt) - 528, DS born 05/31/2018 👨‍👩‍👦
    Dec 2019 FET#2: BFN
    Changed clinic, planning March 2020 IVF#2 - postponed due to the pandemic
    April 2020 IVF #2: ~30 follicles, 24R, 12M, 8F, 4B = 2XY & 2XX, all normal  <3
    Sept 2020 FET#3: one XX embryo, BFP, Beta#1 (9dpt) - 161, Beta#2 (11dpt) - 519, Beta#3 (19dpt) - 7174, Due date 05/30/2021
    DD born 05/23/2021 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 - My family is now complete <3
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