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Anyone else get freaked out by symptoms coming and going?

So I'm around 5 weeks 1 day today (yay!) and we have a second round of blood-work tomorrow to see how my numbers are doing as well as our first ultra sound (i've been told its kind of up in the air what we will see - there should be a sac and possibly the heartbeat!).  I've been driving myself crazy the last few days over analyzing my symptoms!  I started out pretty nauseous, sore boobs, tired, crampy, moody, etc...  I'm still kind of all those things but they seem to kinda come and go in waves.  This morning I could eat breakfast without a problem - I woke up slightly nauseous but not horrible.  My boobs definitely have gotten worse, though sometimes they are better.  The urge to run to the bathroom and dry heave is definitely not as bad as it was on Tuesday.  I don't know if thats because symptoms come and go or because i'm getting use to that feeling so its not as bad?  I know I'll feel better tomorrow morning when I see everything is okay but right now I'm just like arrrrgh.  Anyone else feel the same way?  

Thanks for everyones support here!!! <3 

Re: Anyone else get freaked out by symptoms coming and going?

  • My symptoms seem to be on rotation.  Nauseated but no fatigue one day and absolutely exhausted but can eat anything the next.  Breast tenderness comes and goes as well but is worse at night or in the morning.
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  • @ChristenMA83 That makes me feel better that I'm not the only one with differences every day!  

    I decided to start a pregnancy journal which I think will help to have everything written down, how I'm feeling physically, emotionally - fears and excitement - things my husband and I have talked about (right now he's torturing me with insane baby name requests lol - last night he asked if we had twin girls if we could name them Nancy and Tonya (we just watched I Tonya last week)... for a boy he wants the official name on the birth certificate to be "Doctor Captain Frederick Stevenson Culp the Third"....  (no - there are no other Fredericks in our families lol).
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  • I'm 15+6 today and my symptoms have come and gone my entire pregnancy! It scared me so much early in my first trimester- I remember somewhere around 8 weeks I had a 4 day stretch where I felt NOTHING. Just last week all of my 1st trimester symptoms went away and I thought I was "over the hump" and then Bam! they all came back for a few days.

    It seems to be perfectly normal ( I did a LOT of googling on the subject) but it's definitely scary. Hang in there!

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  • @Dragonfly6191 That makes me feel a ton better!  At least I'm not going crazy!  I feel like I'll feel a lot more confident after tomorrows testing!  But I know it'll be a long first trimester of hoping everything goes well!!  But I know its an amazing start to this journey!
  • welcome to the pregnancy roller-coaster  :#
    Symptoms come and go as they please. When you're feeling better, you can't enjoy it, because it brings on mental worry. And then they come back, give you peace of mind, but take away the physical comfort. Yay!  :D
    It will get better! Stats become more and more in your favor the further along you are.
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