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My RE clinic is doing a kind of cool thing today.  Two of the doctors from my clinic made a Reddit post and opened themselves up for questions.  I just now saw it so they may not be answering questions anymore (they posted around 5 p.m. that they would answer throughout the evening as they could), but there is still some pretty cool information up there and some great questions if anyone's interested.  Enjoy, and good luck!

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  • Wow, that’s great! Thanks for sharing!!!
    TTC history in spoiler box:
    Me: 42, single
    Hysteroscopy: 2013
    IUI #1-2: 2013 BFN
    Surgery 10/2015: Planned to start trying again but had a surgery. (Not related to fertility)
    Surgery 5/2016: Planned to start trying again but had another surgery. (Not related to fertility)
    IUI  #3-5 (with Clomid): summer 2016 BFN
    IVF #1: 11/2016. 30R; 21M; 20F; 8B (6 day5 & 2 day6); 4 normal after PGS
    Medicated FET #1: 1/31/2017 transferred 1 embryo 3AA. BFP. Embryo stopped growing at 6w 1d. MUA at 9w 3d.
    Medicated FET #2June 2017 - cancelled...
    Hysteroscopy #2: June 2017
    Medicated FET #2: 8/7/2017 transferred 1 embryo 5BB. BFP. Ended in CP.
    Medicated FET #3: 10/11/2017 transferred 1 embryo 3AA. BFN
    ERA: December 2017 - need an extra 12 hours of PIO
    Medicated FET #4: 1/24/2018 transferred 1 embryo 4AA. BFN
    Out of embryos.  :'(
    IVF #2: 03/2018.

  • Thanks for sharing this.
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  • I wish I would have seen it sooner. There were so many questions I had queued up but would draw a blank at my own appointment, and my doctor is great... I just get stagefright I guess when sitting in a room half naked staring at the ultrasound machine :p
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