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Bladder sensation

hi ladies! Gave birth to my son on 4/10- short labor but they had a Bit Of a time getting the epidural to take. 

Since the birth (almost two weeks) I have not had the sensation to need to pee. And there are times when I sit down to pee and a lot comes out. I did tell my Dr and they said to simply go pee every two hours. 

Anyone else have this? Getting scary at the two week mark. 

Re: Bladder sensation

  • I had a C-section but after my spinal I had a catheter and it took me a couple of days to feel the urge to pee. At one point I sat down and peed almost 800mls and didnt feel like I needed to go.  The every two hours bit is bladder training to hopefully get your bladder back to normal. 

    Two weeks seems a bit extreme but usually with treatment you start small (bladder training) before you start trying other things. If you still have the issue after a few days of bladder training you can always call your doctor back. 
  • Pelvic floor exercises helped me a lot with this. I'd have no control over how much I peed, knowing i needed to pee or suddenly having the urge to pee. I've just had my third and I just about make it to the toilet. It gets better over time. :sweat: I did have it worse when I had an epidural with my first.

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  • *Lurking*
    After my son’s c section i had the same thing happen where i didn’t feel the urge to pee. I think it took a few weeks but i went back to normal after a while. Congrats and hope things return to normal soon!
  • Sounds familiar. I gave birth (no c-section and no epidural) 10 days ago and have similar issues. I have some sensation and I can hold it until I get to the bathroom, but definitely not what it used to be. Seems to be related to the pelvic floor muscles.
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  • Lurking- I had this- gave birth March 9th and until last week I didn’t have any urge to go. 
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  • @megpeg so your sensation just suddenly came back? The urologist said it just takes time but it stresses me out!! 
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