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  • Add us to team blue...its a boy!!!!
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  • @marfi236 What?!?! That's wild! You hardly ever hear about that happening anymore. 
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  • @marfi236 that is wild! are you willing to talk more about it? how did you feel when you found out? have you already prepped for a girl? sorry for the nosey questions. like @offtoneverland said, you rarely hear about this nowadays.
  • @marfi236 that is crazy! Hope you are doing okay with the news! 
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  • @marfi236 glad you found out now instead of birth! You are the third person I’ve personally heard of that happening to this year - that’s why I refused to truly believe it’s a girl until we get a clear vulva view on the u/s! Wild! 

  • @offtoneverland, @highsteaks, @middleschoolmommy, @lifesabeach85 Right now I'm kind of disappointed.  I was all prepared to have a girl (I spent the last 11 weeks thinking I was having a girl) and it was a huge shock to find out otherwise.  Thankfully, the nursery was going to be grey and white either way (because I like the color scheme) so I don't have to worry about that.  But we have all sorts of girl clothes now and they are just going to be chucked in a bin in case we do have a girl in the future.  Now we have only like 10 onesies that will work for a boy and we have to go buy all new clothes!
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  • @marfi236 - wow, I'm sure that was a shock. I'm glad you were able to find out before birth so you have some time to get used to the idea of a boy instead and can prepare. 
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  • @marfi236 OMG! At least you found out now instead of a surprise at birth when you had a pink explosion waiting for you at home in the nursery. Hope you and hubby come to terms with the shock and get excited about your little baby boy! 

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  • @marfi236 What a shock! I can totally understand how you’d feel a litte disappointed. I can’t imagine getting all prepped for one and then finding out “oops! we were wrong” and it’s the other. Hopefully the shock wears off soon and you can start to prep for your precious little boy!
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  • @marfi236 Wow! That is crazy! Hopefully you can get everything you need for your sweet boy.
  • @marfi236 it’s completely understandable that you’d feel kind of disappointed after that kind of shock! when the excitement washes away, you’ll get the chance to reconnect and absorb all the wonderfulness that comes with raising a sweet little boy! and though it may be annoying to hear now, i want to offer a sincere congratulations anyways!! 
  • Wow @marfi236! Like others have said, I'm glad you found out now instead of after delivery. I'm also glad you get a little bit of time to adjust and connect with your sweet baby boy. 
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  • @marfi236 No way! What a surprise!
  • It's a boooy❤😭 we were so convinced it was a girl😂😂 I can't wait for my little SJ
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