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Sharp, shooting pains through nipple at 6 weeks?

Hi everyone ! I've been doing some research and at 6 weeks I woke up with a sharp shooting pain through to my nipple. I saw almost everyone who was experiencing this was 15 weeks or more. And ibdont remember having them so early with my last pregnancy when I had my son, on later on. 

Should I be concerned feeling it so early? Could this mean twins?

Thanks everyone ♥️


  • I'm not sure - but I'm 5.5 weeks and felt like my nipples had a burning/on fire like pain for 10 minutes this morning! They are just sensitive now, but my breasts aren't hurting yet at all. I'd be interested if others have had this experience.
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    i experienced the occasional nipple pain since early on and it felt pretty similar to when you letdown while BFing. I also started leaking in second tri. Like pp said it could just be that your body knows what it’s doing and things could happen sooner with second+ pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different even for the same person- it’s not an indicator of sex or number of babies you carry.
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