Pregnant after 35

Any mommies in their first trimester

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Re: Any mommies in their first trimester

  • I am. 8 weeks today. How are you doing??
  • Hello, I turned 8weeks yesterday... What’s your feelings on being pregnant after 35? 
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  • I’m really grateful that I am pregnant. We tried for two years. But I do worry that I’ll be ‘the old mommy.’ And I’m so tired, it’s hard not to think sometimes this would be a lot easier if I were ten years younger. But I wouldn’t have wanted to have kids with anyone but my hubby and we just met a few years ago. I’m very excited and hope we have a healthy baby. How are you feeling about it?
  • 5 weeks 6 days with #3
  • @niiiicola I understand this is my 4th. My first two are older... my last baby and this one is by my Husband and he didn’t have any when we got married so I’m starting all over... I just feel too old but whatever... Hope it’s a healthy baby and my last
  • Hello all. I turned 8 weeks on Sunday. This will be baby #4 and I'm freaking out. I'll be 39 this year 
  • I just turned 12 weeks on Friday. I am a new member. I am going to be 37 in two weeks. I have a boy, 13 and a girl, 9. This is baby #3.
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    Hi all.  Baby #4 and a complete surprise after 7 years.  I just turned 40 and I'm 11 weeks. I'm hoping and praying I have the strength to do this all over again and after so many years
  • Hi everyone! This is my first pregnancy at 38 years young (if I say it enough, I won’t feel as old and tired I hope)!!!  It took a little over three years trying to get pregnant and now we are at 11 weeks. 
  • Hi to all.  Excited to be expecting #6.  It’s very very early and I’m not even sure exactly when I’m due, because I went off the pill mid-pack May 11th and never had any kind of period.  Tested positive on Wednesday of last wk (super faint) and again on Friday with an early response test.  So my guess for the EDD is 3/2.  Will hopefully find out in the next few weeks where I’m at exactly.

    I’m 35 and my H is 38 this year.
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  • Hello everyone! 

    My name is Jennifer and I'm pregnant for the first time! I'm currently 4 weeks 5 days and my estimated due date is March 2nd. The hubby and I just had a prenatal confirmation appt and my first blood draw. I'm super excited, anxious, nervous and overall bursting with joy to be a first time mom!
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    Congrats. Wanna be bump buddies? I’m due 3/13 according to lmp but I think I ovulated early so that day is gonna move up a bit. 
  • I’m 38 too, 39 on the due date. I forgot how old I am until they bring it up at the doctor....ugh!
  • I’m....43! Will be 44 when I deliver. First time mom...due on 3/8/19. 
  • newdreemznewdreemz member
    edited July 2018 here. 36 and just found out today.  3weeks according to my app. I "knew" for awhile because this is my 4th child! Lol Nervous and still unsure about how I should feel. Due 3/28/19
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    39 and due February 11th with our 3rd
  • Just turned 40 one week ago. Found out I was pregnant 1 day before my bday. This is my 1st pregnancy. EDD is 3/21. Nervous because of my age. Don't want to get too excited just yet. 
  • I am nervous too, I hope all goes well for you
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    Hi! Pregnant with #2. Due 3/26. DD is 6. I am a ball of nerves this time!

    ETA: I'm 35.

    I'm Britt. Me 29 | MH 29 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

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