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C section question

So had c/s on 4/2 
Stopped bleeding really soon I'd say almost 4-5 days and hvnt had any bleeding. Today i was on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor and cleaning a bit.  Then we had to go out (4hr drive round trip) in our truck and bumpy roads.  Now I'm sore and having heavier bleeding with a few clots (id say maybe slightly larger then a grape size) just a tad nervous about that and wanted to check with some "veteran moms" .. thinking just see what happens tomorow and take it easier..?

Re: C section question

  • No advice. Hope things are better today, if not I would ask your dr.
  • Sounds like you overdid it and your body reminded you. Even if you feel better, you still have an open wound inside that takes way more time than the outside scar to heal, not to mention the placenta healing too so yep what you described seems “normal” 
    take a couple of days to chill and don’t hesitate to call your doctor if you think it’s necessary!
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