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Ectopic after IUI

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I would like to share my story in hopes I can get some positive replies. I had two back to back IUI's - March 14 and 15, took Femara and an ovidrel trigger shot. It worked and I got a BFP on a HPT and then blood showed HCG and Progesterone rising at a great rate! Everyone was optimistic and this was an exciting time. Over the course of a week I began experiencing pain on my left side and this past Thursday the pain was so bad I went to the ER. My fears were confirmed that the pregnancy was ectopic. I was immediately taken for surgery and because the tube had ruptured they had to remove it. I had internal bleeding. Even though I was only 6 weeks, the embryo was huge and growing at a rapid rate, which would have been wonderful had it been in the right place. I had surgery Friday and am home today recovering and feeling sad.

They say that with an ectopic HCG levels don't double, however mine were and were up to 6000 as of Friday, before the surgery. 

First off, I am petrified to try and get pregnant again even though my RE said he is optimistic because the egg was able to be fertilized. Second I guess I'd like to connect with women who have had an ectopic and were able to conceive after and go on to have a healthy pregnancy. I am hoping this is the right place for that.

Looking forward to replies.

Re: Ectopic after IUI

  • I’m so sorry for your loss.  I have no experience with ectopic but wanted to say sorry.  I hope you have an easy recovery. Take time to heal. 
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    I am sorry this happened to you. Ectopics are heartbreaking. I had one in September 2017.  I got pregnant 3 times after the ectopic and all 3 were in the right place (unfortunately  miscarrying).  But, now I am 38 weeks along with a healthy baby girl. I was monitored very closely right when I got a positive HPT.  I would get betas that day, and 2 days later. I would also get an early ultrasound at 5 weeks.  Advocate for yourself about this because it helps with the worry and anxiety of another ectopic.  Good luck to you!
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