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Milestone Monday 4/16

Sorry I didn’t respond last week. I was traveling for work and things have been crazy! 

LO started crawling this weekend! So exciting to see him be able to move/get what he wants. We have also stopped all purees. He is doing only finger foods and is doing great. 

Re: Milestone Monday 4/16

  • CPR79CPR79 member
    I was hoping someone had already started this, as I'm so excited to share that we got our first complete sleep through the night with no feedings!!  7:15-6:45!!  Of course this was followed by 2 nights with a night feeding, but last night/this morning wasn't until 5am, so I think it's happening sooner rather than later.  At least now I know that he doesn't NEED it, as he woke up completely happy after the full night of sleep.

    We're also getting a lot more 'talking', pulling himself up on anything and everything he can reach which is terrifying.  It's like something new every day recently!
  • @CPR79, yay for full nights sleep! That is huge!
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