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Postpartum check-in 4/11

How is everyone doing this week?

Re: Postpartum check-in 4/11

  • Physically: The postpartum bleeding has thankfully slowed. However, it’s been replaced by a stinging/pulling/burning feeling on the one side of my C-section incision. It happens when I overdo it. I consulted Dr. Google and it’s apparently the nerves/muscles reattaching. I remember this happening with my first csection. I need to be better at taking it easy. 

    Mentally: When it comes to baby, really good! Ive adjusted vastly better than with my first. I will say though I’m at my wits end with my soon to be 3yr old. He’s so defiant and we are having listening issues. It’s getting to me. Also, less than a week before I gave birth, we had to put our beloved dog to sleep. So, that’s been tough. I find the only time I’m weepy is when I think of him! :( 
  • @btm013 sorry about the loss of your pup! And I too have an unruly almost 3yo and it's driving me nuts! I feel bad because I feel like there's more moments when I'm trying to discipline her than moments that are pleasant so I'm hoping it's really just a faze that'll pass.

    Physically I'm almost 100% as my 6wk postpartum appt is next week. Mentally I've thankfully been ok. It's a pleasant surprise since I suffered from PPD with my first. I'm going a little stir crazy sitting around most of the day but the weather is suppose to finally be great this Friday and Saturday. Last Saturday there was another chance of snow and this Saturday it's going to be 80! Ridiculous. Hope you ladies are well physically but more importantly mentally!
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