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Adoption from foster care

Hi y’all!
My husband and I live in CA and are gonna be starting the process to adopt from foster care. From what I have read online and if I am correct all we have to do is get licensed to foster BUT we can adopt a child or children which we plan on doing as we want a sibling group who’s parental rights have already been terminated and are ready to be adopted and do not have to “foster” the kids just have to be in our house for 6 months before we can officially adopt them. (Any California mamas please correct me if I am wrong). I was wondering if any California mamas know if there is an income amount you have to have or if they just look at to see if you can pay your bills and what not. I have found a few agencies in our county and just waiting to hear back from them. I am anxious to get answers so I thought I’d pop on here and see if anyone knows. 

Thank you!!

Re: Adoption from foster care

  • Hi there, 

    I'm in CA.  In my county you can't just adopt without fostering.  You can choose to only have children placed with you after parental rights have been terminated, which is less legal risk than fostering to adopt  prior to termination of parental rights.  Even though there is less legal risk, there is still a chance that other family can come forward to have the child placed with them after parental rights have been terminated, or the parents can appeal termination of rights, etc.  Having said that, It's my understanding that even when parental rights are already terminated, you would have to foster the child/children for at least 6 months before proceeding with adoption. 

    In terms of income, there is no income requirement, but they will check to see that you can afford to provide the child with basic needs.  In terms of documentation, we had to fill out a form that had our income and household budget information, and allow the county permission to verify our salary information with our employer, but we did not have to submit bank statements.  I think we also had to submit paystubs from work. 

    Good luck!  Fostering to adopt is a painfully beautiful journey.  :)


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