Pregnant after a Loss

Two previous miscarriages, pregnant again and nervous

Hey all. I'm just a wreck trying to keep it positive over here which seems impossible with my track record. I've had two ultrasounds with no heartbeat both which they said were too early. One at five weeks which showed yolk sac and one at 5 weeks and six days which showed development and a CRL but no HB. I jus was curious if anyone has had a couple ultrasounds with no heartbeat and then a successful one. My hcg has been rising. It's no longer doubling but she said I'm far enough a long to where it doesn't have to anymore. I'm prob nearing seven weeks now. My hcg went from 9000 to 12800. They were just happy it's going up. I haven't had any bleeding but I also feel like all my symptoms are gone and I don't feel pregnant at all. No vomiting or anything. Jus lookin for success stories! 

Re: Two previous miscarriages, pregnant again and nervous

  • I'm sorry about the stress of it all, @Lindseelew.
    And I'm really sorry about your two previous MCs.
    I wish I had a success story but we just got home today after our first ultrasound and our Doc told us that he sees a yolk sac (we're 6 weeks 4 days) but no fetal pole. He thinks it stopped growing last week. 
    He sounded so confident that it was a loss it was just a major shock to the both of us. We got pregnant naturally after 2.5 years of infertility and I guess this is too good to be true. 
    I am telling you this because your Doctor seemed to give you hope and that is a GOOD sign. Ours said he was 100% our news was bad news.
    Hang in there and just go back again and I bet you'll see a heartbeat. It can be too early to tell and your results are already showing development with the CRL. Good luck and fingers crossed for you 

    TTC History in Spolier:
    Me: 32, DH: 33
    Diagnosis: Me: Unexplained. Him: 1% morphology pre-washed.
    IUI  - CANCELLED Jan IUI - 100 mg Clomid Days 3-7. Cancelled after Estrace stunted follicle growth. BFN 
    IUI #1 - Feb/March, 2017 IUI - IUI+7 days Clomid+HCG trigger shot. March 1st IUI. 3/15 BFN
    IUI # 2 - August, 2017 IUI -  7 days Clomid + HCG trigger shot. IUI on August 12. 8/26 BFN 
    *TW* November 1st, BFP. Ended in MC @ 6 w 3 days. 11/20/17. **Natural Cycle with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs. 
    IUI #3 Feb 24 2018, IUI + 7 days Clomid + HCG Trigger Shot. Feb 24 IUI. 3/12 BFN
    *TW* 5/10/18 BFP/MC. Natural Cycle. 1st Beta 232, 2nd 850. No Fetal pole seen on U/S, 5/30/18. Medicated MC on 6/23. 
    IVF #1, Stims begin on August 17th. ER, 8/28/18. 32 Eggs Retrieved, 18 mature, 18 Fertilized. 12 Day 5. 6 Blasts Tested Normal with CCS. 
    FET 1, 11/6/19. 1 Embryo Transferred. NEG BETA 11/15
    FET 2, 1/29. 1 Embryo to Transfer. +HPT 2/5. Beta 2/7 = 137, 2nd HCG = 317. MC at 6w4d. No fetal pole seen on U/S

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