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  • @bethica83 I would wait until after the wedding then, if you can...... I'm CD15 right now.

    Thanks @BuckeyeNut05!!
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  • Good luck @prpl11butterfly and @bethica83! I agree, wait till after the wedding. Hopefully celebrating your friend getting married will be a good way to take your mind off the tww! 
  • Happy BD ladies @prpl11butterfly and @bethica83.  I’m CD 9 and have US tomorrow so I will know when to BD and schedule IUI
  • Have fun ladies ;)!@bethica83 have a great time at the wedding!
    CD11 here and started opks. Negative so far as expected, but we’ll start the daily BDing tomorrow. 
    I have my saline HSG though so not sure if I’ll be too uncomfortable from that. 

  • Thanks everyone!! We are trying to have fun with it and reconnect with our early romance. DH and I will definitely be a bit tired the next couple of days but that is when we get creative!

    We ended up with 4 days of BD in a row the way things worked out. Halfway point!! Temp hasn't spiked yet and I am pretty sure I will O tomorrow right on the standard schedule.

    After so many years of fighting my cycle with many different birth control methods it does feel amazing to have it back and realize that I am very lucky to have this body which all along just wanted to do what it was built to do.

    @prpl11butterfly I will try to have the self control to wait til after the wedding. No promises ... lol it is so hard to wait!

    Good luck @Mack2342 and @bakerstreetboys - I know it gets tough to remember that this is supposed to be the fun part
  • Got a high on the OPK yesterday so just waiting for that peak! Started SMEP on CD8 so still going! 

    @Mack2342 good luck with the US! @bakerstreetboys good luck with the hsg! And @bethica83 good luck waiting till after the wedding... i dont think i have that kind of patience lol
  • GL @prpl11butterfly and @bethica83 @char245 !

    Well I was hoping this month would be different but CD 22 here and no peak ovulation test. It got slightly dark a few days ago but not close to the control line and now it's back to no line. Same as last month. BBT confirms no ovulation. So 2 months in a row not ovulating. Cannot wait for my appointment next week. 
  • @Kath525 that’s so frustrating! FX for a good appointment next week!
  • @char245 Yay for getting the high on the OPK!

    @Kath525 Do you have any idea why you aren't ovulating? I had that for a couple of months in a row, and then all of a sudden I started again.  Makes me nervous every month though that it won't happen.

    Had my saline HSG yesterday and I wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  She said everything looked good and that I "should" get pregnant (this without my day 3 results yet).  It's just frustrating because I know I can get pregnant, it's the staying pregnant part I'm worried about.

  • @Kath525 I hope you get some answers at appointment.  It’s frustrating when our bodies don’t cooperate 
  • @bakerstreetboys glad test went well. 
  • @Kath525 I hope the appotiment cam help find answers as to why your not Oing

    @bakerstreetboys I hope that "should" turns into does.

    Afm, I'm going to move on over to tww because my temp shot up today so I'm confident O happened. Just not as to when (yesterday or Sunday).
  • Thanks everyone!
    @bakerstreetboys i really don't know. The only thing i can figure is i was diagnosed with severe eczema in January. I've been having eczema induced insomnia off and on the last two months. So maybe the lack of sleep is affecting it. I found something that has been helping this week. So maybe if I get my eczema under control muy body still start cooperating again. Glad your HSG went well!
  • @Kath525 sleep is definitely important and could be the culprit. I am a strong believer that our body works as a system so maybe focusing on getting that eczema under control will help. Healing vibes from me to you!!

    @bakerstreetboys GL on a sticky baby FX so hard for you!!

    AFM I am pretty confident O happened on Sunday as my temp spiked yesterday (which I totally missed) and stayed up today. I am heading to TWW.
  • char245char245 member
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    @bakerstreetboys ugh I know just how you feel! Based on the tests I “should” also get pregnant but I’m in the same boat, it’s the staying pregnant that’s my issue. Here’s hoping our RE can help us with this!

    @bethica83 and @prpl11butterfly  here’s hoping this is your month!! 

    AFM I finally got peak this morning! So I should O today or tomorrow! Ever since my D and C I usually feel when I do so I should be heading over to TWW soon.

    Edited: hit return too soon
  • Yay for peak OPK @char245

    AFM, I had US this morning.  Follicle still hanging in there. Lining looked good. Trigger tonight and IUI on Friday 
  • @char245 and @bethica83 fingers crossed for you over in the tww!
    @Mack2342 hopefully this is it for you!  Yay for a good u/S. 

    Still gettng negative opks and temp hasn’t risen. Ugh. CD14 today. 

  • @Mack2342 sending all the positive vibes your way on Friday!!

    @bakerstreetboys hoping you get that positive tomorrow!

    AFM I’m pretty sure I O yesterday so I’m off to TWW, hope to see you ladies over there soon!
  • Good luck to everyone moving over to TWW! Sounds promising for a lot of you!! 

    AFM - CD7 and waiting. Looking forward to a glass or two of wine this weekend!
  • Thanks @bakerstreetboys and @char245. Sorry for negative OPK @bakerstreetboys hopefully it happens soon.  Good luck in TWW @char245.  @grebretso enjoy the wine 
  • edited April 2018
    Starting to think I won’t O again this month. I see wine in my future. 

  • I feel your pain @bakerstreetboys wine it up
  • @kath525 no luck for you yet this month either?  This would make the third cycle out of four post D&C that I don’t ovulate. So much wine. 

  • @bakerstreetboys Nope. It's frustration isn't it? I have an appointment Tuesday thankfully.
  • @Kath525 I hope they have some answers for you.  I'll go for progesterone testing on day 21, but I'm sure there won't be much.  I'm hoping that the answer they have for me isn't "you're old".

  • So for bodies not cooperating @bakerstreetboys and @Kath525.  

    Had IUI this morning but not sure if I Od yet
  • @Mack2342 Fingers crossed you O at the right time and this is it!!

  • Well im heading to the TWW.  I think i Od yesterday or friday.  FF says thursday but i dont think thats correct.  My temps have been wonky because DS has been waking me yo crazy early.  
  • CD 2 here. That was the second month of not ovulation and this is the second AF with NO cramps (which had NEVER happened before). Wondering if that's somehow connected (cause apparently I have to worry about everything). Here's to hoping my ovaries get in gear!
  • Mack2342 Super hard fingers crossed for you this cycle!  At least ONE of us needs to make it off of this h3ll-hole roller coaster!!!!!!
  • @dpjennifer we both need to get off this board and get to the next one with a happy ending! 
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