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Leaky boobs

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At what week did this start for you other mommas??

Re: Leaky boobs

  • It didn't start for me until my milk came in after my daughter was born, but it can start earlier. 
  • With my son, not until closer to birth. This time around I started around 24 weeks. Not enough for a nursing pad. I just see some dried up stuff and saw some spots on my bras. Don't express it, it can bring on contractions. 
  • I started to leak around 19w but only if I put pressure on them somehow (laying on them)
  • this time around my left side started leaking about a week ago around 17 weeks  :/ Thankfully it's not a ton and I hope it stays that way.

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  • I have ver small boobs but i was leaking before I even knew i was pregnant at 15 weeks. Im 25 weeks now and the leak still so much. 
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