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*update* Low HCG levels after 2 MCs. Worried.

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Hi All,

I am 30 and this is my 4th pregnancy

DD is 2 years old and that pregnancy was very straightforward, I never even got my hcg levels tested. Saw a heartbeat at my first scan at 6 weeks.

Had a MC at 6 weeks in August last year, then another at 5.5 weeks in February, both diagnosed by hcg levels dropping and bleeding soon after. I got pregnant by surprise on the next cycle and the doc started testing me immediately because of my history. I was put on progesterone supplements and began testing hcg.

I don't know how far along I am because I didnt have a period and I don't know when I ovulated, but by my estimation on the 26th of March, I was 4 weeks even.

My levels were very low: 

26th: 67

28th: 278

2nd (April): 591 (you can see here it doubled in 5 days)

3rd: 703

4th: 831

So at this point I decided to stop testing. The doc is not optimistic but says we should wait and do a scan next week. I do not have any significant pain, no bleeding (but wondering if this is because of the progesterone supplements).

I am also worried about chromosomal abnormalities which i have read can be the reason for the slowly rising hcg.

I think I just need some hope and some prayers. I don't know how I will survive a 3rd MC.

Re: *update* Low HCG levels after 2 MCs. Worried.

  • @temimore, I don't have any advice or input, since my losses we're different, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your situation, and I hope some how things work out.  
  • holly321 said:
    @temimore, I don't have any advice or input, since my losses we're different, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your situation, and I hope some how things work out.  
    Thank you so much. xox
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  • I have no advice but I am sorry you find yourself in this grey area of not knowing. 
  • Unfortunately, there really isn't good "advice" in this situation. Those numbers would make any OB wary because they aren't doing what they should, as you know.

    Recurrent miscarriage is brutal, and it's difficult to get really good answers or explanations with early pregnancy loss, and losing a baby in the 5-6 week time frame means that there just isn't much fetal tissue to find and check for chromosomal defect. 

    First though, before you can do anything, you should take care of your emotional health, and while it is not noted often on these boards, making sure that DH is doing whatever he needs to cope as well. My husband and I had 15 early losses in 3.5 years, and it took as long to get any answers because no test caught any issues. So, therapy, being in groups like this one, making sure to have a support network that will listen and not get freaked out will help, but mostly, be gentle with yourself. Feel what you need to feel, remind yourself frequently that you aren't causing it, and have others who will remind you of that too.

    Medically, there is some follow up you can do to try and find a cause outside of chromosomal defect, and it's actually more unlikely to be that with recurrent losses than spontaneous non-recurrent losses. 

    You can see a fertility specialist, or ask your regular OB to order certain tests; genetic carrier screening for you (a company called Counsyl will screen for over 150 different issues with saliva or blood work), then carrier screening for DH if any of that flags; blood work to screen for autoimmune causes like lupus, or clotting disorders like antibody phospholipid syndrome, or hsg imaging to see if there's something structural going on, like potential tubal blockages.

    Beta quants like that don't necessarily indicate a chromosomal issue with the baby; they tend to rise slowly or inadequately for many "abnormal" pregnancies. Implantation issues, ectopic issues, any number of things could be it, and the other causes are often treatable, though more challenging. 

    Every loss is hard, but *if* this is your 3rd loss (I'm hoping it's not; I hope you get a sweet little heartbeat at you next u/s and I'll be pulling for you), you can get through it, I promise. Just know your not alone as you do, because it's too easy to get lost in that. At the very least, the ladies here are great and always willing to listen. It's the primary reason I've survived mentally, I think. 

    Good luck. I hope this is just a scare for you, but if it's not, we're around. *hugs*
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    @kathrenne you have No idea how much your words meant to me. I've been so anxious all week and weekend, I've prayed and steeled myself for the worst.

    But ultimately, you are right. There are too many variables in a situation like this. I can't know the outcome till my u/s next week and I have to take care of myself and my family till then.

    I pray this bean is sticky but if not I will look into all the issues you mentioned above. I am so so sorry you experienced this 15 times in a row. I can't imagine the strength it must take to go through that and still lift people up in similar situations. Its like you were sent to me because I feel so much better. What is meant to be will be.

    Thank you so much 
  • I do it because I get it, but mostly because hope and having hope matters to me a great deal, so I try to give it where I can. 

    Living through it, and connecting to people here and in the physical world really sustained me, as well as being open to talking even when it's uncomfortable.

    So, it got me through the 15 losses, and into my 16th pregnancy, which I am now in the 28th week of. Don't get me wrong, it's not been easy, and we aren't out of the woods yet, but being here has helped me put myself together to keep trying. 

    That isn't to say that if you decide you don't want to anymore that you're wrong, it just means you did what you needed to do to learn what was right for you, and that's okay too. All that matters is being able to get up in the morning, secure in your beliefs, and knowing that you came out the other side, whatever that might be.

    So, good luck. Keep us posted, and don't be afraid to just scream at the universe if you need to. No one here will judge you for it. 
  • I’m so sorry you are in this situation hopefully you get good answers at US.  I just wanted to mention that you can get testing done at 5-6 weeks.  My last MC which was my 3rd, I only measured 5w4d. RE said we would test the tissue but because it is so small they might not find anything.  Well they did.  So I just wanted you know that it is an option.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. FX for you and your bean. 
  • @kathrenne I am so happy that you are 28 weeks along! You are in my thoughts, and I cant wait to check in once you've had your little rainbow xox
  • @Mack2342 Thanks so much! I had read it was too early to test, but will push for it.
  • @temimore RE said that it might not be likely to test since it was small. Re also said we could wait and see if it gets bigger to test but since it was my 3rd and insurance paid for it I pushed for it and I’m glad I did.  They did have to test it twice but found that it was chromosomal but due to two spent fertilizing the egg. The first sample didn’t contain any fetal tissue so the 2nd time around did and came up with result.  
  • Hello all, just to give an update. I went in today and the doctor confirmed ectopic. 

    Ive taken the methotrexate shot and will go back in a couple days to check my levels

    thank you all for your advice and support 
  • I'm sorry you're going through this, and sorry to hear it was confirmed as ectopic. So many emotions it's normal to go through in all stages of this. Know that you're not alone.
  • I'm so sorry.  Please take care of yourself.
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