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I’m Back *TW*

Hello ladies of TTCAL. Just wanted to re-intro myself into the group. Found out today that we're having our 4th loss in 13ish months. I’m having a D&C tomorrow, for the first time, and I’m really nervous. Anyway, I can’t say I’m happy to be back, but I do hope to support you all as I continue this journey. 

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  • @cassafrass15 I’m so sorry you are going through this again! I was also extremely nervous going into my D&Cas well. I hope the best for you tomorrow and hope you get the support you need here! 
  • Oh no @cassafrass15, I'm so sad to see you back here. Big hugs :(
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  • Oh, girl!  I’m so sorry to see you back.  I was sooooo nervous for my D&C.  The block to the cervix hurt and it wasn’t pleasant by any means but I got through it and was glad I had gone that route afterwards.  I will be thinking about you.  Take care of yourself.  We’re here!
  • @cassafrass15 I am so sorry, you have been through so much. I had hoped this was your sticky bean. I am sorry you have to go through a D&C. I think the one good thing about the procedure is you aren’t waiting and waiting and not knowing when things will be bad. I hope you will rest after the procedure tomorrow and take pain meds and maybe have a heating pad on hand. I wish I could give you a hug.
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  • I am so sorry. RPL is such a difficult journey. Please take care of yourself and know that we are all thinking of you. 
  • cassafrass15  Sorry you have to be back and be part of the small RPL club. It's extremely heartbreaking! As for the D&C, I found my procedure to be pretty easy, but I was EXHAUSTED afterwards for a week or so. Also, don't try to do too much too soon. I didn't feel much pain afterwards and tried to do some things about 4-5 days later, even though I was still exhausted, and ended up in a LOT of pain because I did too much twisting/pulling (I tried to dig up sweet potatoes... stupid stupid stupid). So, just make sure you take it easy for a while!!!
  • @cassafrass15 I’m so sorry you are going through this again.   It just isn’t fair.  Hugs to you girl.  I was nervous with my first d & c ...I had never been under anesthesia before which is what I was scared of.   However it was pretty quick and I had no pain afterwards never took any pain meds and have had 3 now.  Like @dpjennifer  I was tired and I was able to return to daily activities the next day just don’t over due it.  I hope it goes well and you get some rest. 
  • @cassafrass15 I'm so sorry that you're back here :(  It's just not fair.  I was nervous about my D&C too; it was uncomfortable, but not as bad as I was fearing.  Just give yourself lots of time to rest and heal, both physically and emotionally.  

  • @cassafrass15 Oh no. I’m so sorry you’re back here. The D&C isn’t bad, and when it’s over it’s over. Give yourself plenty of time to rest and disconnect, but physically it’s not too rough. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. 

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  • @cassafrass15 oh no! I was so, so sad to see your name on this post. I'm so sorry for what you're going through. Please take care of yourself. Hugs.
  • Oh @cassafrass15, my heart sank when I saw your name. I am so sorry you have to be back here. It's just not fair and it really sucks. Take time to rest after the D&C; the procedure itself was very easy on me (but don't do too much too quickly) but I did find it rather emotional afterward. Thinking of you. 
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  • So sorry to see you back here. It breaks my heart to see people come back. My D&C was a very quick procedure. Healing physically went really well and I feel it was best for my emotional healing as well. I know thag could be different for you. Please take care of yourself.
  • Thank you ladies for your kind words. They are so appreciated.

    D&C was traumatic - they put me under “twilight” anesthesia, but I was wide awake and felt everything. And then they rushed me out of recovery and I passed out on my mother in the parking lot. I feel better now and I don’t regret it, but I’m going to have a word with the RE at our follow-up.
  • @cassafrass15 I’m sorry it was traumatic.  I would not want to be any kind of awake for that process.  Glad you feel better.  Hopefully your recovery is uneventful. 
  • @cassafrass15 I am sorry to hear it was a traumatic experience. I certainly think a word with your RE is required. This experience is enough without added pain/stress. You should have been completely under and they should have done everything to make you comfortable for As long as you needed to be there.
  • cassafrass15 Oh no! That sounds horrible!!!  I don't know what 'twilight anesthesia' is, but sounds like nothing I'd ever want! As if RPL, MC, and D&Cs aren't difficult enough with PG hormones still in your body, you had to go through that.. I'm so sorry! I hope your healing and recovery go much better.
  • I’m so sorry it went that way, @cassafrass15.  I was actually wide awake for mine with no anesthesia, they just injected my cervix with lidocaine to numb it. I took two Ativan though and my memories of it are pretty fuzzy.  I’m glad you made it through nonetheless and can focus on recovery now.  Take it easy and let your people be there for you 
  • What a terrible experience - heavy heart for you here! I would definitely say something to your RE about it! Thinking of you, rest up and heal.
  • @cassafrass15 I am so so sorry about your loss and D&C experience. I cannot imagine being awake and feeling everything, it sounds like more than any person should be required to endure. You are so strong for making it through that, and I am glad you are feeling better. I hope you have plenty of support this weekend and have an uneventful recovery from here on out.

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  • ble1ble1 member
    @cassafrass15 I'm sorry for your loss. The d&c is a difficult decision to make, and the procedure being any more terrifying than it needs to be would be traumatic. I would talk to re at follow up. Get plenty of rest, binge watch some tv, and lean on your supporters(sounds like your mom is one☺). Also count on us here!
  • @cassafrass15 I'm so sorry for your loss and traumatic experience with the D&C. :(
  • Thanks again for the words of support, ladies! Had a nice weekend recovering and binge watching Netflix. RE said my experience was unusual and he’ll now know better for any future procedures that I react differently to sedation (because OF COURSE I do). Onward, I suppose.
  • @cassafrass15 I'm so sorry to to see your sad news. :( and that your procedure was so awful, so sorry. 
  • @rowedking6 Thanks. Appreciate your kind words!
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