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Food help for 1 y/o

My sweet daughter just turned 1! Hooray! My question is this...What do you feed your 1 y/o who has texture issues? I have bottle fed (formula) up to this point as my milk never came in. My daughter has 4 teeth on top, 3 on bottom but will only eat pureed baby foods. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING with texture or tiny pieces of food she immediately spits out. Is this just a phase? Do I just stick with the pureed food or do I keep trying with other things until she stops spitting it out?

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

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Re: Food help for 1 y/o

  • I would do both. Give her puréed foods so that she keeps eating little bits and stays used to solid food and gets it in her belly, but also give her textures to adjust her to that. Have you given her any to feed herself? It's messy, but my daughter much prefers feeding herself soft chunks than us feeding her with a spoon. 
  • I’d suggest trying to make your own baby food and gradually make it less and less puréed.
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  • Have you tried pureeing your own baby food? If I were in your shoes, my first idea would be to try doing that with her favorite food (perhaps her favorite fruit would be good to start?), but to make a few tiny cut up bits on the side and slowly integrate them with the pureed portion to see if it makes a difference. As one PP suggested, letting her feel the food with her hands and feed herself may help.
  • Testing something on yourself before your kids could be a great measure. It may just be a coincidence, but since my baby started taking elderberry gummies (last three months), she hasn't been sick, It is proven to work better. Elderberry has documented antiviral properties and is safe for children as well.
  • I've used the gummies a few times when I've felt a cold coming on. It actually helped a lot and the cold never set in. I order them from here and still remember enjoying the taste. 
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