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STM: share your birth stories

saw this on another month and enjoyed reading the stories. They also included any advice they wish they had know. Or what they had learnt

Re: STM: share your birth stories

  • Ooooh I'm too tired to write mine now, but I'm excited to read these! I don't know why I find birth stories so fascinating. I should have been a doula :smirk:
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  • @gingerbride26 wow, that was an eventful birth I'd say! My friend had told me to look up precipitous labor...just in case haha. Don't think I'll be part of that 7% but I agree that it's good to be prepared for a lot of outcomes (although the possibilities are literally endless, so I don't want to drive myself crazy)
  • @kissableviv I consider myself very lucky and it as an easy birth - truly in awe of some of these stories on this thread - there was some drama because of the rarity and confusion, and agree with you WebMD is not your friend and too much knowledge can be too much, but might have been nice to know it was possible and i wasn't crazy...
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  • I feel weird about how many of us were induced. It's like induction is the norm, I don't know... I feel uneasy about it. Like, WHY? I don't even oppose inductions but it is strange that it's happening this much.
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  • I feel weird about how many of us were induced. It's like induction is the norm, I don't know... I feel uneasy about it. Like, WHY? I don't even oppose inductions but it is strange that it's happening this much.
    I agree. I'm also not against it but I didn't realize how common it was! All the women in my family had easy and not induced vaginal births except my aunt who had some point pre-existing health issues that required a c section no matter what. But there are always exceptions to the rule...also both DH and I were relatively small babies, however DH had (has) a big head...cue the terror lol
  • There are a lot of inductions you are right! I wonder if it has to do at least partially with how uncomfortable doctors are with going close to 42 weeks or even close to 41 and how a lot of us are waiting longer to have babies so it makes them even MORE uneasy. I know home midwives who, as they are allowed in their states, let their clients go beyond 42 weeks. I know one who is currently pregnant and only says the month in which she is due because she'll allow herself to go beyond 42 to the extent that she feels everything is still ok with baby.
  • @runsomewhere I definitely feel like inductions are now the norm, and spontaneous (natural? Not sure what you call it) labor is becoming less common. I was watching this old lifetime series called one born every minute, which shows birth stories on a busy L&D unit, and it really struck me how like 75% of the stories they show are inductions. I do kind of feel like most women hoping to avoid induction these days has odds stacked against her. For example my old OB practice induces before you even get to 41 weeks, it’s basically their practice/policy. So as a FTM, who is likely to go well past 40 weeks, you basically should count on an induction from the beginning and maybeeee you’ll avoid it, but probably not. 
  • +1 that I feel it has more with FTM going late and the fairly recent rule of thumb to not go to/over 42 weeks.  I also think it has a lot to do with the increase in monitoring and imaging they induce for more medical reasons they wouldn't have found otherwise.  My mom didn't even have an anatomy scan or know gender until birth and they only caught the slow leak as part of her normal check, but it was after 40 W.
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  • @gingerbride26 that’s also true, my mom never had a single ultrasound with any of her 5 pregnancies. I guess time have really changed in the last 30 years of childbirth. A lot of it is for the better, it’s just funny that we get nervous if we go a couple months without an ultrasound but a lot of our moms never even had a single ultrasound. 
  • I agree that inductions happen more than I thought, even as a TTM, and it kind of scares me! My OB has always asked me if I wanted to schedule inductions for the days that she would be on rotation in the hospital, and I decline every time. I kind of feel like wtf about it because it just seems like an unnecessary intervention when by now my body has shown that it can do this on its own. Why mess with that? 

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  • I refused induction both times until after my due date, although I did not end up needing an induction either time.  They were very concerned about baby size with both (although I measured fine and I didn't gain a ton, they somehow knew my babies would be big) but I insisted on going past my due date.  My kids were 8 lbs 15 oz and 9 lbs 12 oz, both vaginal births.

    Cliff's Notes of stories below: 

    DS born in 2010, 4 days late.  Got the epidural but it didn't really kick in on time, I progressed quickly through transition.  Contractions started on their own after I scrubbed the bathroom floor and before we went to the movies; laid in bed watching Ocean's 12 while timing, perfect 5-1-1 and labored for about 9 hours total.  Once at the hospital I walked the floor for about 2 hours.  Got the pain meds in the IV (half a dose) but it made me feel sick.  Waited for my water to break on its own before getting the epidural.  Pushed for about 45 minutes, born at 110am.  8lbs15oz 21".5"

    DD born in 2013, 4 days late.  Got the epidural after waiting for my water to break on its own and it was VERY heavy and made me anxious.  Was scheduled for induction the next day.  Was running errands, lifted DS in to the car and felt a gush of wet.  Got home, called doc, went to hospital to get checked; not my water, but just fluids in general, however I was having contractions 2 minutes apart.  Again, wandered the hospital for a good 2-3 hours while DH went home to put DS to bed.  Got the IV pain meds, which again made me feel sick.  Water broke while my dad was sound asleep on cot in my room LOL!  Got some rest, stalled at 7, gave me pitocin and went from 7-10cm in about 30 minutes.  Pushed for 9 minutes, born at 754am.  9lbs12oz 21.5"  Very jaundice, came home on the glow worm blanket.

    Met: 1/21/2005
    Married: 6/27/2008
    DS: 3/14/2010 Planned, PG first try
    M/C 6/2012
    DD: 4/22/2013 Planned, UnDx Infertility, PG on our own
    BFP: 10/28/2016 Unplanned, HUGE SURPRISE! 
    M/C 12/12/2016
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    EDD: 7/2/2018

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  • Yes, the number of inductions is crazy!  Assuming I remember this all right, in my natural birth class we learned that mother and infant mortality rates start to increase after 42 weeks, which is why many states now require a medical doctor to take intervention and induce prior to then.  In Texas, they don't define what exactly 42 weeks means, so each doctor can interpret it as either the day you enter the 42nd week or the very last day of your 42nd week.  I was very anti-induction but ended up with one at 41 weeks because of this policy (and the fact that my BP wasn't good).
  • Details are fuzzy. I went in for induction at 38 weeks 5 days due to possible cholestasis of pregnancy. The itching on my palms and soles of feet were out of control- the blood test they do was not abnormal however my OB called MFM to discuss since the symptoms were so severe. Decided inducing was best since random fetal death after 37 weeks is a complication.  We checked in in the morning of the 3rd. Got the cervidil?? That they place up by the cervix. Marinated for 12 hours. When I started they said I was 1 cm dilated. No change with the medication. So they decided to start pitocin- they had me shower first- best shower of my
    life! I asked for the epidural because I didn’t even want to try pitocin without pain relief. The nurse didn’t even ask the doctor (I was a 3 at that time ) because if you do t progress to a 4 they send you home. Cue me freaking out because we were inducing so my baby didn’t die. We got the pitocin started. Resident came in and said if I didn’t want the epidural then I could try IV medications. I explained what the nurse said and she told me oh no your having this baby one way or another. They got the anesthesiologist who was pissed to be placing one on someone who wasn’t even at a 4. Honestly the epidural was the worst! Only times I yelled. I felt like a metal rod was being crammed down my
    spine. Got settled and waited and waited. I ended up being in labor for 36 hours. They finally broke my water- when they did my epidural stopped working as I felt everything and I went from 4 to 10 within an hour or two. Pushed for a while - not exactly sure how long. Once she came out she did not cry for about the first hour of her life. This made everyone nervous- I didn’t get to hold her right away since they were checking her out. I just have torn but I didn’t ask how bad- but I felt every stitch. They moved us rooms and husband with with baby while they did her bath. I had her with me the entire time and didn’t use the nursery. Only issue was she had some low blood sugars so we had to test.  We went home I believe the next evening. We were home for 30 hours and I couldn’t get her to eat or stop crying- I called the doctors office thinking maybe she had gas? They sent us to the ER- her Temperature was 94. Which low temperatures can be a sign of infection. They admitted us- she had a spinal tap and three different antibiotics- we had to stay for 72 hours until all the cultures came back. Rough start for sure!

    i wasn’t able to breast feed so I pumped- pumped constantly I only made 1-2 once as of milk a day. So I pumped for about 2-3 weeks and then stopped. 

    Looking back i will tey try not to get an epidural again because I felt everything anyway and it was a bad experience. We will see though. Hoping to go into labor on my own this time. Watching for itching like a hawk though- because that scares me. Online it says 50-70 percent chance it will reoccur. My OB said it was unlikely though.
  • DD was due 7/7. Starting 6/27 I began having the most painful contractions - turned out to just be BH - and they continued almost continuously until ... 7/7 and then nothing. No pains, no twinges, no indications that labor was anywhere to be found.
    I was scheduled for an induction on 7/13 (@ 40+6) due to my doctor not being on call until I would be 41+6 and he wanted be to deliver before 42 weeks.
    The day before my induction DH and I spent the whole day trying to start labor - spicy food, long walks, labor cookies, driving on bumpy roads - and nothing seemed to work. We wrapped up our last day as non-parents by dtd - which apparently triggered labor to start - and went to bed around midnight.
    I woke up at 430am with rhythmic, timeable contractions about 7 minutes apart. I'm not supposed to check into the hospital until 830am. I called the hospital to determine what I should do - as per my OB's instructions - and was told that I could either come in earlier and they would start it earlier or I could wait and come in at my scheduled time. I chose to wait. By 8 my contractions were 5 minutes apart, but had not become more painful.
    By 9 I was checked into the hospital and in a birthing suite. I saw my OB around 9 and he he checked me and I was at 3, he said he wanted to break my water around 10, but got called into an emergency c so it wasn't until 1030.
    At 1030 DH was skyping with SIL - that was the first time she and I had ever spoken to one another, while my water was being broken (do not recommend!). I found it really painful to have my water broken - and then the contractions finally started to hurt. Around 11 I asked for the pain shot - loved it - it wore off in the middle of a particularly painful contraction and I asked for an epidural. I got the epidural around 1230, it went in no problem, but I was so uncomfortable - leaning over the table - that the anesthesiologist thought he was hurting me. I proposed to the anesthesiologist as soon as the epidural took effect (he stuck around to make sure he didn't hurt me). 10 minutes later my OB came in and did another check, 4cm, and told me that he was certain that I'd need to push for 2-3 hours and that baby will be born between 3-4 the next morning.
    I pretty much slept until the next check - 6cm. Went back to sleep. DD started having decels so I was turned to the left - which made them worse - switched to the right - they resolved. Yay, no c-section. Slept till next check, 8cm. OB still says baby won't be here until 3-4 the next morning. My nurse, waits until he leaves, and says "um ... no, baby is going to be here tonight"
    At 950 I started screaming that my epidural failed. I couldn't really make sense of the sensation I was feeling, but all I could do was roll farther on my right side and grab on to the bed rail and hang on for dear life. It took about 5 minutes of talking me down to get me on to my back for another check. The nurse had already put a call in for the doctor and had me to a practice push while I was waiting. Baby began crowning with the practice push and she told me to stop. This continued until the OB returned.
    It took him 25 minutes to get back to the room, the nicu team to arrive (meconium in waters), and 5 minutes (4 pushes) for baby to be born. 1030pm.
    I didn't tear, but I had "runs" so my OB stitched them up so that I'd be "aesthetically pleasing".
    Overall labor was 18 hours - apparently this is unusual for a FTM; my current OB is very optimistic that I'll have a similar experience with LO.
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  • Just finished reading al the stories posted so far. Funny how they are all so different. 

    I saw the midwife wife at my 40 week appt and was not dialated but was 50% effaced. At 40W 5D, I woke up around 4am with diarrhea. I sent a message to my doula asking if labor was starting and she said we will know when I start feeling contractions. I called out of work and sure enough contractions started that morning. Hung out all day on my stability ball and watched some movies. At 4pm I texted DH and told him he needed to make his way home because the contractions were getting intense. I labored mostly on all fours and in the shower. Around 10pm I couldn’t figure out when the contractions were coming and going. They were very close together but I also lost control. My doula said that I had to work on coming down and relaxing, which no one told me. I was given plenty of info on how to get through the peak but didn’t realize I had to learn to relax.

    At 11pm, I went to the birth center. I was surprised that I was only 4 cm dialated because I felt like I had to push. The midwife said that the sac was bulging and it would help make way in he birth canal. I had to walk the halls for two hours before being admitted. So second thing I learned is to walk walk walk to get yourself dialated. So it was after 1am when I was 6cm. I did gain back control, thanks to my doula (and her amazing back rubs) and could come down off of the contractions. Once admitted, I sat on a stability ball in the shower...the hot water beating down on my back was a relief. Sometime around 4am, I was dialated to 10cm and started pushing in the birth tub. An hour and a half later, I questioned if I was pushing effectively because I was so tired. Surprisingly I fell asleep hanging on the edge of the tub for a few minutes in between contractions. I ended up getting out and staying out of the tub so the midwife could watch me push. Three hours of pushing total and had DS in my arms sometime after 7am. 

    I only had a slight tear that they stitched, which wasn’t bad considering DS was almost 9 pounds. I did have heavy gushes of blood afterwords. My vision got a little blurry because my blood pressure was either too high or low (still can’t remember), so they had me lay on my right side for a couple of hours. Blood pressure went back to normal after an hour or two. My face looked awful because I had several broken blood vessels from pushing. I ate like an animal when scrambled eggs and bacon arrived after birth and at lunch I wolfed down the cheese burger. I went home 24 hours after DS was born. 
  • I haven't been as active on the boards as I would like but I know reading these birth stories helped me as a FTM so I'm throwing mine in the ring.  Yet another (positive?) induction story.

    I was due 12/8 and at my 36 week appointment, I had a cervix check and was 1 cm dilated.  The same thing at 37 week appointment.  At that point my OB suggested we make an induction appointment for the week after my due date, "just in case" (although I'm fully convinced he knew I would go overdue somehow, because he'd been delivering babies so long).  Induction was scheduled for 12/16.  I stayed hopeful at each of my appointments leading up to that date but each week I remained at 1 cm dilated, no further progress.  I also had not a single BH contraction or any other sign of labor.

    Checked into the hospital on 12/16 and was hooked up to pitocin by 8AM.  My doctor met me at the hospital and once I was settled left to see patients at his private practice for the day.  Progress was slow.  The nurses kept asking if I felt anything and I would respond that I kinda felt like I had to poop/had indigestion but that was it.  So they slowly kept upping the pitocin.  My doctor came back during his "lunch break" from his office and checked me.  I was 4 cm then and he broke my water, approved me for epidural when/if I wanted it, and went back to his office.  I'll add the my mom had been in my room with DH and I since the morning, and my dad showed up unexpectedly just after noon (because he was nervous for me).  So they were in the room with us and everything was fine until the contractions kicked it up a notch.  I knew we were finally getting somewhere because I couldn't focus on anything when I had a contraction except for the pain.  It gets a bit fuzzy here for a bit but the nurses figured out I was finally feeling something, my parents, left the room, and I got an epidural.

    Once the epidural kicked in, I felt amazing (almost like I was floating).  I asked for my parents to come back and they did.  Hung out until a little after 5 when my doctor came back and he checked me and I was 10 cm!!  Kicked parents out, epidural was turned down a bit, and I started pushing.  I pushed for about 2.5 hours and my doctor said the baby's head was stuck most likely on my tailbone so he asked if I wanted to keep pushing or use the vaccuum.  I said let's try the vaccuum.  As my husband puts it, the "bat signal" went out at that point because the room filled with people (it's a teaching hospital so even more people than you'd normally have) and my son was born at 7:58PM.  At the very end my epi had worn off and I felt everything and was screaming in pain and in my "zone" but for some reason I still remember someone calling out "19:58" for the time he was born.  That's when I opened my eyes again.  I had an episiotomy along with the vaccuum although I had no idea until my husband told me later.  Baby J was 8 lbs 12oz & 21.5 inches long.

    Overall I'm pleased with how his birth went and am thankful it was only 12 hours start to finish.
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