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TTCAL week of April 2

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Clearly I am trying to avoid work this week!  I've stalled at starting this thread because I'm terrible at coming up with GTKY questions :)

1. Introduce yourself (if new):
2. Status?
3. R/R:
4.GTKY: What is your go to comfort food?

Re: TTCAL week of April 2

  • 2. Status? TWW 7 DPO 

    3. R/R: TWW need I say more. I will try and hold off until 9DPO before I start POAS 

    4.GTKY: What is your go to comfort food? Pizza and chocolate 
  • 2. Status? ~~TWW, 7DPO

    3. R/R: ~~Rant. Just picked up paperwork from my PCP for insurance incentive. She marked me for partial incentive because I need to lose weight. Ummm. Lady, listen. 1, I'm 1 month out from a MC where I was almost 12 weeks along. 1 effing month. And 2, since I'm TTC, losing weight and doing anything that may throw off my cycle is a big fat effing no. Just no. And 3, you are in NO position to recommend I lose weight. Major side eye. Major. She didn't even give me a goal to get the rest of my incentive. 

    4.GTKY: What is your go to comfort food? ~~ easy one. Pasta w/grams sauce. When I need it, my own sauce won't even fit the bill. Has to be grams.
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  • 2. Just got the all clear to start trying again after being benched for nearly two months! So just waiting for AF. Then we try for a few months and then if no success we move on to IVF.
    3. Just so happy that Spring is coming and we are finally moving forward!!
    4. Any baked goods! 

    @Mack2342 fx that this is your month!!
    @prpl11butterfly the whole weight discussion with doctors just puts me in a terrible mood!! And absolutely ridiculous that she didn’t give you a goal for the rest of your incentive, as a prior benefits person I would think she would have to. I would look into that if you even want to. 
  • @char245 I'm hoping to not be able to meet that goal anyway. I have a year to "lose weight" but would much prefer a gain of about 20 to 30 :joy:
  • @prpl11butterfly So annoying!  And I agree, I'd be happy to put on about 25 lbs or so right now :)

    @char245 Yay for being off the bench!  Fx that you won't need to move on to IVF.

    2. Status? TWW, 4DPO.  Can't convince myself to stop temping even though I'm on progesterone.  I just have to remind myself that my temp staying high over the next week won't necessarily mean anything. 
    3. R/R: Rant: more freaking snow expected, and it's back below zero.  I am so ready for spring! Rave: our first RE appointment is next Monday. 
    4.GTKY: What is your go to comfort food? It depends on my mood, but usually pasta or chocolate.

  • @bakerstreetboys I still temp while in progesterone. My temp typically drops some if not KU on progesterone it might not drop below coverline but it will shift. Right now I’m on steady increase 
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    @Mack2342 I'll still do it, but I'm sure it will mess with me ;)  Hopefully your temp stays up!  Two more days until testing :)

  • 2. TWW. Didn't have great timing but I can't figure out my body anyway. With 3 MC over the past year, my cycles have been all over the place. Some months 26 days then the next I'm 32. Who knows! I could probably start temping but trying to stay sane over this entire process and I know that wouldn't help my sanity level

    3. Great weekend, felt like summer was just around the corner. 

    4. Oh my gosh I'm starving right now! I'd probably say pizza, but I do love a really good Mac and cheese. I also crave sushi and chocolate and lasagna and any kind of cheese. I need lunch!

    @prpl11butterfly I hate hate hate the weight discussion. I feel your frustration 
  • ccvslpccvslp member
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    1. Introduce yourself (if new):
    2. Status? I thiiiiiink I O’d today, temps tomorrow will tell for sure 
    3. R/R: rant.... my lead follicle was huge which I was rambling about over in WTO... I just always need something to worry about!  Rave... at the very least my lining got thicker than it ever has on Letrozole and I’m NOT on estrogen this week, yaaay!
    4.GTKY: What is your go to comfort food? Macaroni and cheese... yummmmmm.

    @bakerstreetboys @Mack2342 I’m not sure if I’ll keep temping... I start progesterone Thursday and kind of want a break, although I have to wake up half an hour early to insert my morning dose so it doesn’t all leak out (puke) so might as well take my temp... shrug.

    @char245 glad to see you’re back in it and that you didn’t have to stay on the bench for too long!
  • Had to make mac and cheese tonight! 
  • @40momma That looks delicious!  It's 7:30am and I'm sitting at my desk drooling ;)

    @ccvslp Fx that your temp goes up today!  Ditto on the puke reaction to progesterone.  It's so gross.  For some reason it didn't seem so bad last month, but I'm hating it this time.  I keep thinking that I'll stop temping but I just can't bring myself to do it!  If I can't POAS, I need something to log! :)

  • UO/FFC I can't stand homemade mac n cheese.

    So 8dpo and temp back up..... I don't have any good charts to compare to. My Nov chart is missing data and I didn't temp through tww in Dec (BFP before MC)

    @ccvslp hope you can confirm O today!
  • @40momma That.  Looks.  So.  Good.

    Temp went up today and EWCM kinda dried up during the day yesterday, so I'm pretty sure I O'd yesterday during the day at some point.  I'll get to see if it's still up tomorrow when I wake up but I assume it will be.  We BD'd again anyway and probably will tonight before the progesterone makes life grosser.  Back in the TWW game... gosh.  Work is so crazy right now that it's a good distraction, but I'll be on vacation for three days before I'm going to test... I bet I'll be losing it!
  • 1. So I'm new here. I've been lurking for a few weeks after I left the November 18 board. I had an early MC/CP just shy of 5 weeks. My very first pregnancy also ended in an early MC and since then I've had two successful pregnancies before this most recent lost. Not sure what else goes here ...

    2. I'm somewhere towards the end of my TWW. Not so patiently waiting for my first AF since my MC. I tried the OPK this month but I'm not optimistic about this cycle. 

    3. Rant- to the automated phone call from the doctor's office to remind me that I should have my first round of appointments on Friday. Is it really that hard to cancel them after they confirmed the loss? And the weather- 70 yesterday and possible snow this weekend. 

    4.Pizza! And boxed Mac and Cheese. I have the same taste in food as a five year old and I'm okay with that. 

    Me (25) DH (33), Married 10-29-11

    TTC since May 2012

     9/13 BW suggests irregular/no ovulation
    9/13, First cycle clomid =BFN
    10/13, HSG =  Everything normal
    10/13,  clomid #2= BFP on 11-4-13, EDD 7-8-14,  MC 11-11-13
    Surprise BFP on 1-11-14, EDD 9-18-14

    Pregnancy Ticker

  • @AmandaV88 welcome to the group although I'm sorry you are joining us. Im sure the automated phone call just kicked you when you're down. I has the receptionist call me to schedule my 10wk US - yeah not going to need it but thanks.... :( 
  • @40momma thanks. I'm sorry that happened to you too. I don't really need any reminders and I'm sure you don't either. 

    Me (25) DH (33), Married 10-29-11

    TTC since May 2012

     9/13 BW suggests irregular/no ovulation
    9/13, First cycle clomid =BFN
    10/13, HSG =  Everything normal
    10/13,  clomid #2= BFP on 11-4-13, EDD 7-8-14,  MC 11-11-13
    Surprise BFP on 1-11-14, EDD 9-18-14

    Pregnancy Ticker

  • 2. CD15, on the bench this month.
    3. Rant: Husband is out of town till Sunday (he left last Friday) and I miss him a lot. We used to be long distance before we got married and would go months without seeing each other, so I feel a little pathetic that I miss him so much when he's not even been gone a week. Rave: At least I'm keeping myself busy while he's gone! Doing some major spring cleaning/stuff purging, and going out for birthday drinks for a friend on Saturday. 
    4. Pizza and Thai food. I'll never turn down a yellow curry. 

    @AmandaV88 So sorry to see you here. I hope you get your bfp soon, and that you are able to take some time to take care of yourself! 

    @40momma That. Looks. Delicious. I just ate and I still want some.

    @ccvslp Fingers crossed for a speedy tww with a positive outcome!

    @char245 Hooray for being done with the bench! Good luck!!

    @prpl11butterfly So rude to tell you to lose weight without even giving you a reason. How is that supposed to be constructive or helpful in any way? It's just judgmental and b*tchy. Ugh.

  • Welcome @AmandaV88.  I’m sorry you find yourself here but I hope your stay is short.

    @grebretso That’s not pathetic at all!  It’s sweet that you miss him!
  • @AmandaV88 so sorry for your loss. Welcome to the group 

    @grebretso not pathetic.  I’m same way with DH.  We also were long distance before married and even the first month of our Marriage.  
  • @AmandaV88 Welcome to the group, but sorry you're here.  The little reminders are hard :(

  • 2. Status? CD 21. Still WTO I think.
    3. R/R:
    Had a great relaxing long weekend visiting my family. Hoping to BD tonight since I haven’t O’d yet.
    4.GTKY: What is your go to comfort food?
    Pizza, Chocolate, and Ice Cream. The trifecta of amazingness.

    prpl11butterfly URGH! Sorry for your PCP being a biotch. The weight loss with TTCAL is horrible, and I hate that doctors fall back on weight! I mean, yes it’s important… but it’s not the be all / end all, especially if you’re not morbidly obese!

    bakerstreetboys I’m also ready for spring! I saw the expected snow for this weekend and I’m so over it!

    40momma  Oh man, that mac n cheese looks amazing!

  • @prpl11butterfly ugh sorry about having to worry about losing weight on top of everything else. I'd be frustrated too.
    @char245 yayayaya for being off the bench and having a plan! I have all things crossed for you!
    @40momma my cycles are crazy as well lately. Anywhere from 27-34 days. Makes it so hard for timing.
    @ccvslp yay for thicker lining! FX for you! 
    @AmandaV88 so sorry for your loss. Welcome to the group.

    Sorry I've been MIA lately. Dealing with some health issues that are taking up a lot of my times-see rant if you're interested.
    1. Introduce yourself (if new): ttc since 1/17. CP 3/17. NMC 9/17. 
    2. Status? WTO CD 4
    3. R/R: rant (long): so i have really severe eczema (never had it before this flare up). Went to yet another specialist yesterday. She said on top of eczema i have severe hives. Also, very low blood pressure and am dehydrated (probably because I'm only getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night). She gave me more meds (now taking 11 pills a day- everything is safe for pregnancy I'm making sure of that). I'm also doing phototherapy, which means going to the dr at least 3 times a week... This new dr is doing a full work up. She's checking my thyroid, kidneys, liver, autoimmune diseases, infections, allergies and a CBC wiff diff. I'm really hoping this finds something and maybe even explains the infertility. If not,
    Rave: got my OB to agree to start testing so I can FINALLY get my butt over to an RE. I begin her testing May 2.
    4.GTKY: What is your go to comfort food?
    All things with cheese. 
  • @AmandaV88 Welcome and I’m so sorry for your loss!

    @Kath525 wow that’s a lot to be dealing with all at once! But yay for getting the go ahead to see a RE!! Hopefully you’ll get some answers!
  • @prpl11butterfly I really wish they'd word it differently than just saying you need to lose weight. I mean why can't they just call it something nicer like "healthy body goals" or something. I do know that losing weight at a rate of 1-2 lb per week will not usually harm your cycle - if anything it typically helps which is why they want us to do it but I totally get your concern. If you've got a good cycle going, adjusting your diet and lifestyle so that get an appropriate amount of protein and veggie servings (big emphasis on the veggies!) before you have "treats" will set you up so that you'd expect to lose 1-2 lb per week because you'd be full before you got too the treats part of the day most days. You'd probably find yourself very hungry as a symptom of pregnancy and know it's time to bump your calorie intake so you can gain those 20-30 lbs you so desire :D 

    @AmandaV88 and @40momma those are really terrible thoughtless reminders from the clinic :( I hope you can give them some feedback on that!
    1. Introduce yourself (if new):
    still new-ish to this board. Mostly been lurking while I try to figure out where I belong but am starting to join discussions in the past couple weeks. BFP 2/3/18, MMC discovered 2/28/18, MMC confirmed 3/7/18, D&C 3/12/18

    2. Status? Blood test yesterday FINALLY showed hCG is now at 5 so I'm WTO. Doc says I should wait 1 cycle for dating purposes and to reduce my own anxiety but had no concerns about increased risks if I conceive before then so we're NTNP at this point. I am not really holding my breath.

    3. R/R: Rant: My best friend is getting married on 5/5/18. I really dropped the ball on her bachelorette party planning and feel terrible for that BUT my miscarriage happened right when I started the planning process and I had a hard time telling her what was up. When she guilt trips me about it I kind of want to tell her off because seriously it isn't like I planned to have a miscarriage at such an inconvenient time for HER. I remember how stressful those last couple months are pre-wedding and am keeping my mouth shut but oh wow. We're going to a dinner theater and she's upset the seats aren't as good as they would have been. Well good lord woman. We're still going.

    Rave: To the doctors at my clinic! My OB has been amazing but so have all the other doctors and nurses recently. I was really concerned about the amount and consistency of CM recently. I called the nurses line and they tried to get me into my OB but couldn't so they sent me to Urgent Care if I wanted to get it addressed immediately. All the tests came back negative for infections, I"m totally healthy, and it's very likely it is just more CM than I am used to due to the D&C and MC changing up my hormones. They didn't make me feel crazy, totally validated my concerns, and were happy to confirm I am healthy.

    4.GTKY: What is your go to comfort food This totally varies but my absolute favorite is a family dish we call nefla. I've seen it spelled nifla, noephla, and knoephla and it is a very German/Russian origin. We make ours with pork roast (usually), homemade egg noodle dumplings, and sauerkraut casserole. Very much a "North/South Dakota hotdish" that is a much loved family tradition. I am going to make myself some for my birthday next week.
    You are all making me so hungry.

    FX for us all this month!!

  • @bethica83 That’s so awesome to have such a supportive doctor.  It’s so nice to just feel heard and validated!
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