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Membrane sweep

hi.. 40 plus 2 origninally a March mama, now def an April mama!

had a membrane sweep today at 2 cm. Wondering if anyone had immediate success w the sweep inducing labor and how soon after? Thanks :)

with my first I had a partial sweep at 38 and she came on her due date.. 

Re: Membrane sweep

  • My next appointment is next Tuesday and I’ll be 40w+4d. If I make it there, I’m considering doing a membrane sweep also, so I’m also interested in hearing what others say about this. I really want to go into labor naturally, and I am on the fence about membrane sweeping, But I don’t want to be pregnant forever! Also don’t want to have my baby get too big, because I’m not a very big person. 
  • With my 1st I had a membrane sweep at 39 weeks. I had some minor cramping at first, went back to work, literally was running up and down the stairs many times and tried to stay on my feet a lot the rest of the day. That night I lost my mucus plug and had some minor contractions/cramping for a few hours but then it stopped. Woke up next morning with contractions 2 minutes apart within an hour! Had my baby girl that afternoon!! So it totally worked!!! With my second not so much. I had a sweep at 39 weeks again and really didn't have much cramping at all after an hour or so. Went home and got on the treadmill and walked for quite a while. Also stayed on my feet. Nothing after that. 4 days later I was induced. I have an appointment on Thursday and I'm definitely going to have them try. Last week baby wasn't as far enough down yet. I say it's worth a shot!! Especially if your miserable and over the 39th week mark. 
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  • I had a sweep with my first and it ended up introducing bacteria and I developed a uterine infection.  The infection made my water break a few days after the sweep and I had my DS 12 hours later.  My OB said that the sweep isn't as effective with a first child.  I said I would never do a sweep again because the infection took a toll on me (imagine pushing a baby out and having a fever at the same time).  Also, because of the infection, I was on antibiotics for a number of days and my DS had to spend a short time in the NICU. 

    But, here we are now... and I just had my doctor perform a sweep on me yesterday afternoon at 40w.  She said every time that she has done a sweep on a STM+, it has started labor within 24 hours.  I currently feel no different and not confident that it will put me into labor.  I go back on Friday and we will re-evaluate and I may have her sweep again.  I am really trying to avoid being induced.
  • So I had the sweep yesterday around 4, came home was crampy and achy but no contractions until about 11:30. Had them irregularly and was dosing on and off then started tracking and they were 4-5 min apart lasting 35-55 seconds so OB sent me to L&D. Had progressed from a 2 to a 3 but after an hour they sent me home with no progress. Have been napping since and now it seems they have fizzled completely. Totally over this- were is baby girl? Feel so dumb for going in and being sent home. Now I’m 4w3d. Ugh. 
  • Had a sweep yesterday. Not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I lost my plug today, so I think things are headed in the right direction. Trying to hold to the mantra that my body and baby will be ready in their own time, and we have lots of doctors looking out for us if we need extra help.
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  • I had it done with my second son. And within 4 to 5 hrs I started feeling contractions later that night went too hospital had him around 4am. I heard it's a 50 percent chance it'll work.
  • I actually had to google what a membrane sweep is. Apparently here they consider it a procedure only done if you’re being induced. 
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  • My doctor said they will do it for women close/after 40 weeks as an alternative to try before induction. They also said that it will stimulate about 50% of women into labor, but it only really works if your body is close already, as in effaced some, and at least 1-2 cm dilated. 
  • Sweep this morning at 39+3. Was 4cm before the sweep and dr said would be surprised if I didn’t go into labor today anyways. Didn’t hurt or anything. Little bit of blood. Now just feeling crampy and having to run to the bathroom. Fingers crossed it’s today! 
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