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  • tpecitpeci
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    @SkilledSailor I have tried heating pads and many other things but it's beyond that. Gentle stretching is the only thing that remotely helps in general so that's what I do!

    @sclarke7 good job! I wish I could have continued running, but I was too short of breath and my heart rate would reach 190 quite fast! I do 30min of elliptical or stairmaster 2x/week with a 20min workout and 10min stretching session after. I use light weights because of the restrictions and I'm a weakling anyway! It's always funny to see the guys on the bench with their 45lbs and I'm there sweating with my 5lbs haha. I should take a picture one of these days. 
  • How far along are you? How big is baby? 
    15+6...so we'll go with an avocado (twins!)

    How are you feeling? Any new symptoms?
    Still tired! Where's that second trimester energy?!? I did have the most EPIC headache yesterday, worst one ever in my life.

    The round ligament pain in my groin area is horrible. 


    Anything exciting to share (appointments, nursery/nesting, etc.)?
    Have another appointment with MFM next week, so excited to get another look at the babies.

    GTKY:  Apart from the absolute necessities (and the people you love) what would you find it extremely hard to go a single day without? 
    At this point my maternity pillow...the snoogle!
  • iba34iba34
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    @jennyc2018 @southernlady07 Ok, I'm sold on the Snoogle! Will order one today  :)

    @klj0228 @starla Glad to hear I'm not alone on the fried food. 

    @Redpuma119 I support you getting fish tacos - I, however, don't want them ever again right now! 
  • I have been considering a pregnancy pillow and thought maybe it was just too early. Reading many of you have them and love them I might cave and get one now.
  • @klj0228 I have also been waiting - same reasons! I really want one and now I am just really uncertain about what to get.

    I’m getting very inspired by this discussion though and I looked up the snoogle. It just seems so big! We have a queen bed. Will this fit and leave room for my husband? 

    And, is the snoogle better than those ones that are U shaped? The snoogle seems to have an opening on 1 side. I’m not sure which would be better. 
  • @magnolia209 We had a queen when I was pregnant with DD and the Snoogle fit fine! Although MH frequently referred to it as my boyfriend and resented it because it got more snuggle time than he did  :D I’ve never had a U shaped one but have read it definitely takes up more room. I liked that I could adjust the Snoogle to fit around my body and the U shaped pillow looks to be more like two straight body pillows on either side. I switch sides a few times during the night and it was never a big deal to flip the Snoogle over. May be personal preference though! 
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  • @southernlady07 Thanks! That’s super helpful and I’m glad to hear it worked in a queen size bed! And, good point about the U shaped ones looking like 2 straight body pillows! 
  • iba34iba34
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    My Snoogle is arriving tomorrow!
  • @iba34 Yay! Let us know how you like it! I will be ordering in the next few days. 
  • @cbobell2009 I don’t think you are late to the party. We will be doing birthing classes through the hospital they do 4 hour and a half classes. I will also be doing a breastfeeding class and infant CPR. I’m also going to recommend the grandparents do the hospital offered GRANDparents class which includes infant CPR.
  • @klj0228 Perfect. Thanks for the reminder about infant CPR there is a separate class for that and I was going to sign up and forgot! I would like to do the "series" of classes but it's a busy time of year for my SO at work and he won't be able to take that much time off. We are doing an 8 hour Saturday class!

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  • @cbobell2009. Welcome!  We will be doing my hospital's hypno class in the June/July session.  I think here it's 5 nights, 5 weeks in a row from 630-9pm.  I just have to print out the form the lady emailed me And get us registered.  ...And of course the infant cpr/ first aid refresher with the red cross.

    Omg, I think I actually counted ten kick/bubbles in a pretty short amount of time while laying in bed last night!  Incredible!!!
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    3/17 - DH started Clomid to prepare for MESA/TESE | 4/17 - Initial RE Consult for me. | 7/17 - Successful retrieval for DH!
    9/17 - Two BTB IVFs  | 10/17 - Polypectomy  |  11/17 - 1st FET ended in CP | 12/17 - 2nd FET ... BFP!!! <3 EDD: 09/09/18

    Our little miracle is finally here!

  • @businesswife Ah! That's so exciting! My little guy moves a lot but it's pretty fluid. I can't really count kicks yet. 

    Y'all are reminding me that I need to sign up for some birthing classes or something! H is also starting to get interested in the childcare aspect. He's wanting me to teach him baby signs, how to change a diaper, and use the swaddle. Yay help! 

    Me: 28   H:30
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    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
    BFP 12/22/17 - EDD 9/3/18
  • STM but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in since a lot of you are talking about classes. I definitely suggest signing up now! You don’t have to take the classes right now but in my experience they book up quickly (at least in large metro areas) and you want to make sure there’s is space at your preferred time.

    The classes I took and recommend are:
    -Infant CPR (anyone who will watch your kid should take this... so grandparents, your siblings, your H, nannies, etc.)
    -Childbirth class (you and DH)
    -Breastfeeding (or at least make sure you have access to a good lactation consultant for right after you give birth but also after in case any issues arise. My mom is a LC and also suggested my H take the class)
    -Infant 101 (covers swaddling, soothing, feeding, diapering, bathing etc. This is definitely one your H should take with you)
    -Car seat installation (some infant 101 classes will cover this, but also the highway patrol in your area may do this or you can hire a car seat tech to come do this. You’d be shocked at the high percentage of kids that aren’t properly restrained... but the driver thinks they are)

    @magnolia209 I’m not sure which area of LA you’re in but I am happy to send you some recommendations for classes if you want... just pm me!
  • @yosemite2018 That would be awesome! I’m in the Valley - if you know of anything. 
  • How far along are you? How big is baby? 
    15w, 3d. As big as a navel orange.

    How are you feeling? Any new symptoms?
    I'm feeling so much better than I did a couple weeks ago. My nausea is gone and I don't have to take naps every day anymore, although I still do if I have the time because I usually can't sleep through the night. The newest symptom is just feeling sore and having small spasms at times, which one of my friends told me is because I'm growing. Also, I'm so much hungrier than I was in the first trimester, and very impressionable with food.

    I've made my pregnancy public over the last 2 weeks, telling those who report to me at work and announcing on Facebook. It feels so nice to have so much support and positive energy. I'm so sorry for those if you who are dealing with having to hide it.

    Anyone have any success with strategies to help you sleep? I bought a body pillow, which is super comfy and I like, but had only marginally helped the situation. I'm careful to only nap about 30 minutes if I take one so I am still tired at bedtime.

    Anything exciting to share (appointments, nursery/nesting, etc.)?
    oops, I guess that would be what I answered on the rave question. Also, today my husband and I are going to Buy Buy Baby to start our registry, and I've started buying maternity clothes, which brings a while slew of emotions (exciting but scary, fun.)

    GTKY:  Apart from the absolute necessities (and the people you love) what would you find it extremely hard to go a single day without? 
    water for sure and fruit. I loved fruit before I was pregnant and now even more so. I can eat a whole pineapple myself in less than a week.
  • @runninginva yay for less nausea! What a difference that can make in you whole day/week. As for sleep, I am still taking my diclegis at night so it does help, but I am actually still not sleeping great and wake up very early. I have seen a couple people say they take unisom at night and that is helping them sleep better. It is approved since it is also recommended for morning sickness.
  • @magnolia209 so exciting to tell your team! It makes it much easier when you are having pregnancy problems at work. 

    In reading today’s FFFC board I am seeing lots of people breaking the pregnancy rules. This definitely makes me feel better, but I’m curious how the other FTM are balancing the rules with your own sanity.

    I actually feel a little crazy to have a SIP of beer or wine. This morning I had a coke and a cup of coffee and felt very rebellious. Stressing about the rules cannot possibly be better for my body than just indulging once in a while. 
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