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Intro *All the Warnings*

Hi, y'all, can I join? I will give as an abridged background as possible. I will say that this whole post is probably a TW. 

H and I started trying 8 months after we were married because I was dx with endo. Our first pregnancy ended in a partially ruptured ectopic, I lost my tube in the surgery that revealed bleeding in my abdomen. We started trying after the slotted bench time, but 8 months went by with nothing. I was referred to an RE who told me I would never get pg without help. We did 3 rounds of Clomid with TI and trigger before my hubby asked if we could take a break and just be newlyweds. To our complete shock and surprise we got pg, but it ended in a BO. After that I was done with trying. Shockingly, we got a super surprise bfp. This time, the little bean stayed with us. I was dx with ICP at 26 weeks. I delivered my rainbow ds at 35 weeks via semi emergency cs. Since my son, we have had a slew of CPs. I was making an appt with my RE for an RPL panel when we found out we were pg again. My OB has me on progesterone and baby aspirin as preventative/precaution/luck. It seems to be working, saw our little bean last week measuring 6w1d and a strong hb. Praying we can have our second rainbow. This is my 7th pregnancy, hopefully it will stay. 

Re: Intro *All the Warnings*

  • @wildrainbow Welcome to the PAIF board!  Your story is a tough one.  You and your husband have certainly been through a lot.  Sending lots and lots of healthy baby vibes your way and hoping this is your time for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy.  
    Me: Age 40  Husband: Age 41
    Chemo killed my ovaries (along with a BRCA1 mutation, which causes DOR)
    4/30/13 ER just prior to chemo: 8 embryos frozen at 2pn. 2 survived to blasts/1 PGS normal

    4/16 ER cancelled on CD7: 1 follicle on L/ 0 follicles on R
    FET #1  7/13/16  BFN

    Super shocker +HPT 9/19
    Baby Alyce arrived 5/8/17

    Went forward with donor eggs from my sister for baby #2
    ER 4/24, 5 eggs fertilized/1 survived to blast and was chromosomally normal.

    FET 2/15 (my sister/donor's birthday!).  Beta 10dp5dt:172; beta 12dp5dt: 425

    My TTC/Cancer/Random thoughts blog:
  • Welcome! It sounds like you have been through so much already! I’m wishing you a healthy wonderful pregnancy  :)
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