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April symptoms

What miserable symptoms do we have this month?

Re: April symptoms

  • I wake up with the worst hip and leg pain. I'm sure she is laying on a nerve in my groin. It takes my breath away because it's so painful.
    On a funny note, I can't help letting rip at the moment. Haha! :D how bad is that!? She is putting so much pressure down there that I simply can't help it. Pregnancy is sometimes so gross!
  • So excited that it is finally April!!!
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  • @midnight-muse I am EXACTLY the same right now with the pain and gas. Glad to know it’s not just me!
  • midnight-musemidnight-muse member
    edited April 2018
    My waters broke this morning. Is that a symptom?  :)
  • my body hurts! I feel like i can't breath between heart burn and the baby stretching the struggle is real. I also am so tired and feel like i could sleep all day. 3 weeks left I cam make it. 
  • stemgirl11stemgirl11 member
    edited April 2018
    Increased discharge

    I'm seriously praying she'll come out soon because I can't sleep anymore either way.

    Bowel-related abdominal pain
    False labor? (contractions 15-20 mins apart for 1-2 hours, had this twice this week)
    Me & DH: 28
    EDD #1: 4/2018
  • Agree with y'al on the sleep stuff. Sad thing is I am still getting better sleep with a toddler than my 1st pregnancy where I was lucky to get 4 hours a night.  
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