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New Mom Check-in 4/1

April is here and several of us have already given birth...what's working? What's not and questions?  Let's support each other on this crazy adventure called parenthood!

Re: New Mom Check-in 4/1

  • Sleeping is not working!
    Gwen was finally discharged from the NICU last Sunday, we are very happy to finally have her home after a month long hospital stay. Even though she is over a month old, you can tell she was a preemie. She literally sleeps all day, except for last night. She only takes 2oz at a time, every 3hrs. Being a preemie she has really bad reflux so she much gets a special formula mixed with my brestmilk, but I still nurse her about 1-2 a day.  
    It is really tempting to stop pumping just because I am so tired and hate having to get up every 3hrs at night to pump, if I don’t I get block. We have a huge frozen supply (large deep freezer over half filled with milk) right now but I know it won’t last when she starts eating more. I was not able to really breastfeed my first so I am very greatful this time, But I am desperate for more sleep. 
  • @Apthor02.  I feel your pain mama!  We are barely one week out of NICU and my DH and I are struggling to find a routine so we both get at least some sleep.  I currently go to bed at 8pm and take over at 11 pm till about 6 am, then I sleep another 3 hours.  I'd like to nap between feedings, but my boys are struggling with gas and are soooo fussy.  As I sit and pump at the moment, they are truly sleeping...I know the moment I lay down they will act up....  Do you have any help?  I'm learning about post-partum doulas.  I've also found Sunflower Lechithin critical to help with clogged ducts.
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  • @Apthor02 sleeping is HARD. We got home last night after three nights in the hospital to make sure my vitals were okay and then a little phototherapy for Delaney for some jaundice. 
    We are definitely just adjusting in general and organizing since we thought we had two more weeks to prep. She's an amazing little girl and she's getting used to new things, but she's not loving her bassinet. Also, were naturally overcautious  about something happening to her in the middle of the night. We're only on day 3 though , so I'm looking forward to learning with her.
        I'm currently trying to figure out a feeding plan, but currently pumping and BFing and building supply and will talk more with the pediatrician tomorrow. 

    Lots of unknowns, lots of anxiety about getting on a schedule, but loving being a mom !
  • Ella is 4wks old today and just starting to really let me know when she was hungry. Up until last week I felt like I still needed to wake her to nurse. A week ago she hit 8lbs so no more weight checks until her 2 mos checkup. Breastfeeding is thankfully going better than I thought it would. My sleep schedule is thrown off because I've been napping with her in the mornings so staying up late. @priestess619 my girl doesn't care too much for her bed either. We've been doing some cosleeping with a makeshift "nest" that's sitting between our pillows so we don't roll over on her. We did it with our first DD too until she started moving around. It was a life saver so we all got some sleep. @Apthor02 Way to go on that milk stash! I hate pumping too and have actually gotten lazy since she's started to nurse more but I need to get back into it to try to build my freezer stash more.
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  • My milk is still on its way in, so it's been hard as my daughter is wanting more than I can give her. She gets a little frustrated with latching on to my left nipple, but we are getting there. She's going to be one happy little bunny when it does finally come in. I produce way more than any baby could need!
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