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Tips on outings

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Ok so. This is probably going to seem like the dumbest post to some people. I don't know any Moms of young babies really and haven't ever been around babies before. I see people out and about with their babies all the time and I think to myself, How do they do it? I feel like a slave to naps. I feel like I have to be at home for every nap. How do you go anywhere for more than an hour.? I'm also having to pump so that restricts me a bit on being able to take bottles and needing to stop and pump at certain times. Any tips on going on outings? What do you take with you? Does your baby nap in carseat? I really want to start taking my baby to some "mom and me" things at the library and museums but I am scared to take him and throw off his nap schedule or him start crying and I have to leave. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Re: Tips on outings

  • DD naps great in her car seat when we are out. I love to babywear when we are out, and she will sometimes take naps while I am wearing her to run errands or go for a jog at the park. We were exclusively pumping, and it wasn’t too hard to manage pumping and going out. I tried to make sure I pumped right before we left to go somewhere. I also did a little research on local stores that offered a mother’s room. 
  • Thanks for the response. My guy gets super fussy in carseat/stroller when he is tired. Maybe I'll try babywearing more. 
  • Hey momma, you are doing a great job. Being a mom is really hard work and each baby is very different, so it can be a real struggle getting to know what works for yours. I got 'lucky' with my 1st when it came to traveling/ getting out, because the carseat or stroller ended up being the only way he would sleep. My 2nd has me stuck at home a lot more, but he'll actually take a nap. When I go out with him, I try to baby wear, especially if close to nap time. Do you have a shatter free mirror for the car? My babies are less fussy if they can see me. Music can also help chill out an infant in a car. I don't have much advice for exclusive pumping other than, buy anything that will make it easier for you to do it. The freemie pumping flanges are highly recommended for pumping in public, but I wouldn't use them with an open system like the spectra. If that doesn't work for you, get a hands free bra that rocks or these clips Glamourmom Hands-free Pumping Accessory Clip
    I use the clips with my nursing tanks/bras when I need to pump in the car.
    If getting out for social stuff really isn't working, consider hosting a group at your place.
    I hope some of that was helpful. 
  • Thank you so much for the advice! I'm going to look for one of those mirrors and also try the baby wearing. I tried 2 different carriers...a Moby wrap and a sling and my baby hated both. He is really ok with the ergo baby though so I'm hoping that works for us!
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