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Son acting out

I have 3 children. Oldest is 6yo girl, then 5yo boy and 11 week old baby girl. My son, recently has been 'taking' things that are not his. He shows us what he took after we've left the place. I'm unsure how to handle this, as it keeps happening more so now than when I was pregnant. I've explained why we don't take things, had him return said item and write apology letter and just don't know what else would be effective, visit from the Sheriff maybe? Or is that too harsh? Or not enough? Parenting is tough, positive parenting or No? I was raised being yelled at and spanked if I misbehaved. 

I don't know if he's acting out because of all the attention a new baby gets, or his ADD or just being a boy. Any advice?

Re: Son acting out

  • I would imagine that a lot of it has to do with all the attention the new baby is getting. He was the baby for 5 years and all of the sudden he’s not anymore. If taking things is the easiest way to get attention, he’s going to keep doing it. I would make sure he’s getting plenty of one-on-one time with you (hard I know) and really give him lots of praise and attention when he’s being good. I think a visit from the sheriff will just cause him to be scared of police which isn’t ideal and it won’t do much to resolve the reasons behind his actions. Good luck!
  • Thanks! Yeah, we didn't go to the police. He is still acting out though. Tball is coming up so he'll get tons of praise and attention
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  • Yes parenting is tough! Lots of wisdom needed. Instead of writing an apology letter, how about your son return the stolen item to the person he took it from and apologize in person. You let the person know ahead of time and perhaps have a plan with the person as what your son can do to make up for his actions (For example, he took a toy from grandma. He gives it back to grandma, apologizes and she makes him wash her windows or something. You both come up with an appropriate punishment but grandma is the one to give it since she was wronged.) For the record, I am not against spanking when done in a calm, loving manner in response to rebellion, in addition to an explanation:) This too shall pass...:)
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