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Complete SS post, but...

Please accept me! Lol. I want to start out by apologizing - I joined the board early on but my husband's health took a bad turn, life got crazy and I just never had time to check in so I faded away.  Fast forward to my almost 36th week of pregnancy and...I'm starting to panic!  The newborn days for my now 17-month old daughter are a blur to me and I don't remember simple things I probably should, such as how many ounces they should drink in a given day, when to start tummy time, how many dirty diapers in a day are normal, etc. My previous BMB  was (and is) my lifeline for this whole mom'ing thing, don't know where I would be without the constant support from them over the past few years.  I am realizing now just how much I relied on my other moms for advice and especially support. There's nothing like having someone to talk to that is experiencing the exact same thing as you when you feel completely alone and at your wit's end. And slightly crazy!  With that being said, I want to humbly ask you guys if I can re-join your group at this late date. You seem like such a group of strong, smart and supportive mamas and I would be honored to be in your company.  I realize it is WAY late and you guys have already established a bond - I am a true outsider to you.  And to be honest I would probably totally side-eye me if I were y'all...but I wanted to explain myself and let you guys make the call since the group is so established, instead of just trying to jump back in.  I appreciate you "listening" to me  - please feel free to ask  questions or provide comments - I  am receptive to any feedback :)


Re: Complete SS post, but...

  • Hi there and welcome back! I'm sorry to hear your hubby hasn't been in good health. 
    I can't really help with the feeding part as I'm planning on breastfeeding my third, so she will feed as and when she wants.
    I've read tummy time can start from the get go. I usually just have them on my chest until they begin to move a little more.
    I'd say they go through about 12 nappies/diapers a day at least!
    I have forgotten what's it's like having a newborn (6 years after having my daughter). I'm guessing and hoping it will all come flooding back when she gets here  :)

  • Since you have been gone most ladies here went over to Facebook a while back. Those of us left behind I feel are accepting of others. Our numbers may be fewer but we'll help the best we can. So ask away. But like midnight-muse I think it will all come flooding back.

    I hope your husband is doing better. 
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  • Trying to remember what I did. I believe with dd she got about 18 oz to 22 oz a day once her stomach got bigger and then around 5 or 6 months 24 oz to 30 oz. She was fed pumped milk so not sure the rule of thumb if formula is used. 
    I think it was 8-10 diapers a day in the beginning.  
    And start tummy time immediately by putting baby on your chest or your so chest. We had a p.t. from the get go and I think she told us starting around 2-3 months to do increments of about 3 minutes at a time and do it at least 3 or 4 times a day. It honestly depends on what baby would tolerate.  
  • You can always check to see if your local hospital offers any baby care classes, plus your baby's pediatrician will be a wealth of information that is unique to your baby's circumstances.
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