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So I went to my next ultrasound today, I should be somewhere around 5 weeks 2. The sac has definitely grown since Tuesday but the doctor couldn't see anything inside. She said she thought she might see a yolk sac but only gave me a 50% chance that is what she was looking at. She wanted me to do more bloodwork today and come back in on Monday. Needlessly to say, I am not a mess. My last pregnancy stopped growing around 5-6 weeks. Does anyone have a similar experience that turned out okay?

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    Hi @bfpafter4years. I can tell you that at my 5w6d ultrasound, they could barely make out the fetal pole. The photo I have of the ultrasound is just a black hole in a sea of white. Don't get discouraged. It is SO SO tiny at that point that unless the ultrasound machine is newer, it likely won't get the detail they're looking for. The fact that the sac has grown is a good sign. I'll attach a photo for you to see what I mean. I know it helped a lot for me to see other people's scans from around the same time.

    Oh, and I'm 18 weeks now. 

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