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Facebook group?

Hi! Ive been checking back here on and off for post partum threads or newborn help but the board has been dead. Is there a Facebook group to join for January 2018 babies? 

Re: Facebook group?

  • Hey @Kalee29 we did kinda ghost this board.  I just got back from maternity leave so I was checking in.  I'm not sure who headed up the fb group to ask about joining now, but that is the reason our board is super dead.
  • I was late to the Facebook game too and @maueraa07 was kind enough to add me....maybe she could help!
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  • Thank you!

  • I wish we could revamp this board :( I don't have a facebook!
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  • @whitta1218 I wish that too! I sent a message asking to be added to the fb group but no one has replied. It's sad that this board is so dead now.

  • I asked to join the fb group but was denied because I was told I didn’t post enough here. Several women who posted far less than I did were added. I dunno
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