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I just had my first period after my d&c. It was lighter than usual and only lasted two days. I took an ovulation test this morning (cd 4) and it’s positive.... isn’t this way too soon for a positive result?? Anyone with similar experiences or thoughts?

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    Hello.  Sorry for your loss.  Your cycle can be really messed up after a D&C and you can get positives that aren't really positives.  How long ago was your D&C?  Could the light bleeding still be from the procedure and not your period?  In my experience, and it seems for many other women, the first period is super heavy.
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    Hey- thanks for your reply. I had my d&c Feb 22 and only bleed lightly for two-three days after the procedure. I was having irregular/shorter cycles before falling pregnant. I’m assuming this is a false positive of sorts bc it just seems too early (even for a shorter cycle). So frustrating. 
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    @ljt220 sorry for your loss. 

    Judging from my own experience, it's likely just bleeding from the procedure. I had my D&C in 3/1. I had super light spotting (could have gone all day with 1 liner) for about 2 weeks. Then had 3 or 4 days of nothing and then started again mid last week with spotting even lighter then before. I did an OPK and HPT tgis past Friday just to see where I was at. OPK was almost positive and HPT was a real squinter. 
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    It was definitely heavier than spotting, that maybe there still some crazy hormones going on
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