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Hi, all. A week ago, I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 7w,6d with the empty sac only measuring 6w,6d. I was the only one there for the ultrasound, so my husband doesn't believe it. It's so hard to grieve when he just keeps telling me, no there's still a baby in there, you're just imagining things. How do I get him to understand, or at least stop trying to convince me there's a baby? It's just so hard. Help?

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  • I am really sorry about your loss. It's hard enough without having your H not beleive you. And why on earth wouldn't he?! Do you have access to your providers reports via a portal? I would say log in and show him the findings. Otherwise, maybe call your OB and have him talk to them so that he hears it from someone other then you. I can't imagine how frustrating it is "arguing" about this with him. 
  • I'm so incredibly sorry. My husband was there for my appointment where I had the same diagnosis so I didn't have to convince him. He's probably in denial but that must be so painful for you. Are they having you come back for followup? Did they give you a number for the nurse's line? I'm hope you can call and see if they are able to talk him through whatever information they can.
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