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Weekly Randoms 3/26

April is almost here!!  <3

Re: Weekly Randoms 3/26

  • Hi ladies! I'm from the March group but just wanted to share this with you for the early April babies.

    On April 12, JC Penny Portrait Studios is doing free Newborn sessions. Check out the link and make an appointment.  :) 

  • One thing I did while nursing my 1st was read. Does anyone have any book recommendations? 
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  • When you're scheduled for an induction and the night before the hospital calls to cancel because apparently you don't meet the criteria. Well then why was it scheduled in the first place people?!?!? So frustrated and upset. Have to wait another 10 days!! Doctor couldn't even strip my membranes today because baby is too high. All I want to do is cry. I'm so done being pregnant... I'm miserable and exhausted! Every day feels like 100! Sorry... Rant over. 
  • @jkatkins Sorry to hear they canceled on you :( I'm personally 110% done, too, and feeling much the same way as you. Depressed and desperate.
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    EDD #1: 4/2018
  • @stemgirl11 right?!?! Totally desperate!! No one gets it. I just get the whole 'oh he'll come when he's ready' comments. Literally people, I don't want to hear it! I get it!! I'm just over being miserable. 
  • A friend of mine just delivered a 9 pounder at 41 weeks. 
    All of a sudden I’m 39 weeks and freaking out!!!
  • @tmhallam I asked the midwife if she could have a guess with how big my daughter will be and I wish I never asked. She said she thinks I'm having a 9 pounder and I was only  38 weeks  :/:| The midwife said I could have a lot of water behind her but baby was clearly a little chunky aparently :D I can still go for a home birth, but I'm crossing my legs at the thought of having her naturally  :#
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    @midnight-muse My nephew was over 10 lbs at birth and he came out the natural way! My SIL was a bit surprised herself that he didn’t get stuck, but all went well. They were aware that he could be a big boy, as her belly was enormous, but I’m not sure if they would’ve opted for a natural birth if they’d known he’d be that big. Don’t know if it made a difference, but this was her 2nd baby.

    They don’t give you a C-section (or induce before EDD) here based on the baby’s size unless they’re estimated to be over 10 lbs or they already know that the mom’s pelvis doesn’t have enough space for a baby of X lbs (could be way smaller than 10 lbs). 
    Me & DH: 28
    EDD #1: 4/2018
  • @stemgirl11 Thank you! It's my third so I'm hoping that will make it a little easier (I'll be lucky!) My son was 7lb 1oz, my daughter 8lb 7oz, so I was kind of expecting this one to be at least 8lb. She feels a whole lot of baby. The midwife doesn't seem too worried about me still having her at home. She has to come out either way!
  • @midnight-muse I've heard that moms with older kids can usually tell the size of the baby pretty well before delivery (as in, compared to their previous baby/babies), but so can good midwives. I'm honestly at a total loss when it comes to estimating her weight on my own as I have no previous experience, so I've only got the 36-week U/S and the midwife's words ("not that big") to go by.
    Me & DH: 28
    EDD #1: 4/2018
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