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TTCAL week of 3/26

Happy Monday, ladies!
1. Introduce yourself (if new)
2. Status?
3. R/R:
4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)?

Re: TTCAL week of 3/26

  • 2. Status?WTO Trigger shot tonight then IUI Wednesday.  US this morning showed 4 follicles 

    3. R/R: hate Monday’s and I’m duty today so have to work until 5 which I normally work til 330

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)? Pinochle such an old ladies game I know and I used to play with my mom, aunt, sisters and grandma.  All the guys in family said we would have cult night when we got together to play.  We had such a good time all us ladies.  I miss it.  We basically stopped playing when my grandma passed away 
  • 1. Introduce yourself (if new) Not new, but I’ve been less active around here lately. 1 loss in wk13 in 2016, 1 cp 2/18

    2. Status? TWW, currently 9dpo

    3. R/R: Rave: Got to see my mom and a few of my friends this weekend, had an amazing roasted cauliflower sandwich yesterday- trying to see the positives in life. Rant: Still not pg and I’m so scared that it won’t happen. 

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)? Ok so this is a very dangerous question to ask a nerd like myself. I really like tabletop RPGs like dungeons and dragons, since they are so social and fun to play with friends. I won’t get into specific systems for everyone’s sake :lol: Lately I’ve been playing the video game Sea of Thieves to catch up with some long distance buddies- it’s a lot of fun. 
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  • Status? Absoulutly no clue. Best guess is just WFAF. But reall could be anywhere in the spectrum.

    3. R/R: Sun is shinning. It makes my soul happy.

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)? Most card games are a go. Like @Mack2342 its something all the women in the family did. Some great memories :heart:
  • @Mack2342 Good luck!  Fx for you :)  I think we're on the same cycle day, and I figured we'd start "trying" on Wednesday.

    2. Status? CD10, WTO.  Will start using OPKs today.  Worried I won't O again this month.
    3. R/R: Rave: I'm so happy that spring finally seems to be here!  Also happy that our consult with RE is now only two weeks away.  It has been a long 2.5 months of waiting.  Rant: I'm trying to eat well and work out, but I can't handle the evening munchies and working out has been really hard with plantar fasciiatis and a bone spur.
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)? I love games!  Scrabble and crib are two of my favourites, but I also enjoy board games like Clue and Masterpiece (which I haven't seen around in decades)!

  • 2. Status? CD 11. WTO.

    3. R/R: Had a great weekend away with DH! But ugh, it's Monday and I'm tired and so not interested in work right now.

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)? Lately we've LOVED playing the Harry Potter 'Battle of Hogwarts' game. It's a deck building game and is truly fantastic! But I also love Dominion, Ticket to Ride, and tons of others. I love to play games! I even made a copy of one of the first truly popular 'board games' in the US "The Checkered Game of Life" for Civil War reenacting. (the basis for the modern "Game of Life" although you wouldn't know it from looking at it) It's super fun to play too!

    Mack2342 Ugh. What an extra-crappy Monday for you! 

    bakerstreetboys Yay for approaching RE appt! And sorry about the munchies... it sucks trying to diet and be healthier when the bad stuff is calling your name! 
  • 2. CD12 WTO

    3. Fun weekend with friends. Back to work today after vacation. Thank goodness its a short work week. 

    4. Love games. I really like board games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, Rails to Trails etc. And card games like crib, golf and rummy. 

    @dpjennifer I haven't heard if the Hogwarts game but we have similar tastes in games so I'll have to check it out.
  • FX @lin0442

    @bakerstreetboys we are cycle buddies I’m CD 10 too.  Good luck with RE appt!

    @dpjennifer I enjoy weekends away but it sucks to go back to work! 

    @40momma lucky you! I wish I had a short work week.  
  • 2. CD6, but benched this cycle.

    3. Rave: I went a little nuts online shopping, I have new shoes, clothes and makeup coming my way. Been a while since I treated myself to new stuff, so I’m excited for it to arrive! Rant: whoever made the coffee at work today made it really weak. I usually make it, but I was in a meeting all morning today and someone beat me to it. Who wants weak coffee?? I’m hate drinking it right now. 

    4. I’m not super into games these days, but I miss my D&D buddies from years ago. I also used to be RELLY into The Sims, but I grew out of it. Board games are fun too, I don’t think I even own one anymore though! Maybe it’s time to invest in Scrabble and Settlers of Catan, those were always staples. 
  • @grebretso I hate drink coffee at work all the time. It's weak and not very tasty but still contains caffine so....
  • @prpl11butterfly exactly. We have shitty coffee too, but if it’s strong I don’t mind. If people prefer weak coffee they can always water it down, so I make it strong so everyone can get their preference. If it’s weak to begin with, you can’t make it stronger! 

    ... I’m needlessly upset over coffee. Can you tell it’s Monday?
  • @mack2342 Pinochle is fun! I feel like hardly anyone I know plays so I only get the chance every couple of years at a family reunion. You should re-start your ladies night.

    @lin0442 Fellow nerd over here. DH is running 2 D&D games right now :) We used to have a regular group that met weekly for a couple years and was tons of fun... it fell apart when the DM and our tank got divorced :( I have been trying to find another regular group since then but haven't had any luck outside of shorter campaigns DH will occasionally run with some close friends. Anyway, I'm happy to hear about what specific systems you like.

    @prpl11butterfly Yay for no more (FX) snow and winter -- hoping the tundra warms up some for you. :)

    @bakerstreetboys I am having the same damn plantar fasciiatis and bone spur issue the past 10 days!! No idea what I did, but all of a sudden I am limping everywhere and getting any real exercise in feels excruciating. Do you have a podiatrist? Called and made an appointment this week with mine. Hope you get some relief soon. Also - if you like Harry Potter at all, I highly recommend Harry Potter clue. It's not like themed-monopoly, the board has different rules and mechanics that make it a lot more fun and higher stakes than just regular clue.

    @dpjennifer & @40momma YASS glad someone else on here loves the Eurogames. Catan, Dominion, Ticket to Ride, etc are all amazing. I even saw someone yesterday with a Catan bumper sticker and wanted to be their immediate BFF ;)

    @dpjennifer I need to check out the Battle of Hogwarts game! Glad you had a nice weekend away with DH, hope you get some good rest tonight.

    @40momma The first day back at work after vacay makes me so depressed - like, why do I not just live on the beach/in the mountains all day e'ery day.

    @grebretso Sounds like you had fun online shopping :) You should get back into gaming!! I am a strong advocate for gaming days with friends and weekly D&D sessions. Do it.

    1. Introduce yourself (if new) Not new.

    2. Status? TWW I think?

    3. R/R: Rant: Work. Rave: Going to a sip-and-paint this evening with a friend. I am horrible at painting, even when getting step-by-step directions, but the company should be fun!

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)? Hard question because I love all games so I will instead try and choose my favorite in each category  Eurogames (ticket to ride); ameritrash (firefly); table-top RPGs (d&d); cooperative (mysterium); party (cards against humanity); card and domino games (spades); video games (chronotrigger); and physical games (capture the flag). Whew. Basically, if you want to play a game I will say yes. Have I mentioned I'm a nerd?

    Me: 36 | DH: 41 | Married: 9/29/07 | DD: December 2018 | BFP: 2/1/21, EDD: 10/6/21
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  • 2. Benched. Appointment tomorrow to discuss the results from all of our tests so far. One remaining procedure next Monday. Ready for this part to be over!
    3. Had a great time at Mom Prom this weekend! Now bring on some warm spring weather!
    4. Monopoly is a big one for my family!

    @Mack2342 good luck with the IUI on Wednesday!

    @bakerstreetboys yay for only two more weeks of waiting for your appointment!
  • Busy day so I will have to check in to comment back later, but I had to post; excited to be back in the game after six months of bench time!!!

    Happy Monday, ladies!
    1. Introduce yourself - not new, MMC Sept ‘17, several diagnoses including PCOS since then and just starting treatment this cycle 
    2. Status? CD 5 WTO... day 3 of Letrozole.  Next Monday monitoring to start estrogen and another monitoring probably the following Saturday.  Progesterone coming two days after positive OPK... hopefully I O and the estrogen doesn’t stall or stop it.  So nervous!
    3. R/R: Rant - forgot about a meeting this morning at work because it was scheduled on a totally off day... bleh... Rave - still LOVING being back home in our house and I’m stopping at Hobby Lobby this afternoon after work to look at some decor stuff!  Love decorating!
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)? Oh boy... I feel like I’m in the minority here but I am not into games at all.  At parties I will just flit back and forth and avoid playing because I hate having to focus for that long... LOL.  I play TONS of games at work with the kids so maybe that’s why?  (I do enjoy a good round of Hi Ho Cherry-O
  • @Kabazaba I would love to restart ladies night except I moved away from my family to live with DH. We do play some when I’m in town   

    Thanks @char245

    @ccvslp enjoy decorating! Hobby lobby is such a good store.  Glad you are back in the game. 
  • @ccvslp Yay for being off the bench!  Enjoy decorating :)

    @kabazaba It hurts, right?!  This weekend I rolled my foot around on a tennis ball, which maybe helped a bit.  I ordered a spiky roller today on Amazon.  Doesn't look pleasant, but I hear it works.  The bone spur is on the other foot, so I'm trying to use a splint at night to see if it will move the bone back.  Sounds like I should look into Eurogames and HP Clue!  Have fun at sip and paint!

    @char245 Good luck with your appointment. I hope they find something easily fixable!  I fear being told that there's nothing wrong.  I'd rather have something they can pinpoint and hopefully fix.

  • 1. Introduce yourself (if new)
    Ttc since 1/17 CP 3/17 NMC 9/17
    2. Status? WTO CD 21
    3. R/R: rant: Still. Havent. Ovulated. Thinking I just might not this cycle. That's never happened since I've been tracking at least... Dear body, you can't get knocked up without ovulating... Kick it into gear!
    Rave: it's spring break and DH teaches so he's home this week! 
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)? I like settlers of catan, pandemic, and ticket to ride lately. Aaaand always canasta! We play a lot of games..

    @Mack2342 FX for your IUI!
    @bakerstreetboys Here's to hoping we both ovulate!
    @dpjennifer dominion is an awesome game!
    @grebretso shopping online is so addictive!
    @Kabazaba sip and paint nights are so fun!!! Enjoy!
    @ccvslp FX for you this cycle!
  • 1. Introduce yourself (if new) 
    I am as new as can be but this is absolutely where I belong for now. I hate that we're all going through this but so glad to not have to go through this without ladies like you. I'm 34 (birthday in a few weeks) and lost my first pregnancy in the past month. It was an MMC discovered at 8 weeks and I had a D&C at 10 weeks.

    2. Status?
    I am exactly 14 days out from my D&C. My doc didn't really say anything about when we could start trying, just no sex for 2 weeks. I have seen that some docs say wait til you have 1 cycle and others say 2-3 while others say no need to wait. My best friend's mother is a midwife and her office doesn't make people wait after a D&C as long as there are no other complications. The test results of the tissue came back and I saw on my chart that my doctor said they were reassuring in that they were what he would expect to see and no signs of molar pregnancy or other complications. I see my doc for a follow up on Thursday so I guess we'll see what he says but for now I am in a very weird limbo. So... I guess I'm kind of WFAF/WTO.

    3. R/R:
    Rave: DH is happy we are cleared for bedroom activities and frankly so I am I. I have missed the intimacy. 
    Rant: I've got spring fever so bad. It's gross here in MN today - cold and rainy but the rain keeps turning to sleet. 

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)?
    I am with @ccvslp and honestly don't always enjoy playing games. It makes me so anxious for some reason. DH and his crew loooooove games. So I suck it up a few times a year haha. A card game I really enjoy is Presidents and A**holes cause it is about as simple as it gets. I mean, it is meant to be played with much imbibing of beverages so it better be simple but it can be fun without the drinks too. I also enjoy a good game of Phase 10. 
  • @bethica83 so sorry for your loss and welcome to the group 
  • 1. Introduce yourself (if new)

    MC January 11. First cycle with a definite ovulation!! Fingers crossed, having all the good feelings. 

    2. Status?

    4 dpo and super anxious. Can not wait to poas. How do you pass the time between peeing on OPK's and PT's?? I just want to pee on something!

    3. R/R:

    Nothing really. I'm riding the 'meh' line. I do have a 4-day weekend coming up which I'm looking forward to.

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)? 

    I've been playing squash lately and it's super fun! Such a good workout too. DH and I get really competitive too!
  • Thanks Mack2342. I bet you miss ladies nights, I know I sure would. My husband loves pinochle and I have never been able to figure it out... 

    @prpl11butterfly looks like we are both in limbo-land. Hope you aren't there too much longer!

    @grebretso I am totally a sims addict. I choose not to play because I get NOTHING done when I do.
  • @bethica83 Welcome to the group.  Sorry for your loss, I hope you aren't here long :)

    @kath525 Fingers crossed for ovulation this month!  It's so frustrating to wait and wait...and then nothing.

  • Wow. We are an even more awesome group of ladies than I thought! I want to have game night with many of you!

    Kath525  Fantastic question this week!!!

    40momma Battle of Hogwarts game is awesome! When I was in Oregon at Powells Bookstore last October they had tons of books and games, and sometimes they’d have little notes about certain books/games. Underneath this game was a note that said “One of the few games based upon a movie that is actually fun to play.” It’s similar to Marvel Legendary, but we like it better!

    Mack2342 Yesterday absolutely sucked to be back at work after a weekend away.

    Kabazaba Hmmm… what means you by ameritrash (firefly)?  LOL! My curiousity is piqued!

    bethica83 We have tons of games in my family that DH, my sister, etc. all love to play. But if we want to do ‘family’ games that involve my mother, the ONLY game she’ll play (with rare exceptions) is Phase 10.

  • I have The Beatles "Ticket to Ride" in my head now!

  • @Kabazaba how did the painting go? I've always wanted to try one (sans the sip  ;)) but have no friends to go with.

    @char245 is mom prom exactly what it sounds like? Again, sounds like something that would be super fun to do with friends!

    @ccvslp glad being back home has been so good for you! Hope it brings you good baby juju!

    @Kath525 this WTO game is crap. Let's get going ovaries, you've got a job to do now DO IT!

    @bethica83 may we both be released from this terrible limbo soon. I was relieved to have the no sex restriction lifted as well. It was nice to be able to be....close... to DH again.

    @kikimi83 fx for you. Pee on some more OPKs? Lol

    @bakerstreetboys thanks.....stuck in my head now as well  :D
  • @prpl11butterfly it is! It’s a charity event for a diaper bank and a women’s shelter. So any women can buy a ticket and get dressed up and go! A group of friends and I took a party bus and went, it was a great time! 
  • @char245 I'd love to get all dolled up and party! I really need some friends  :D
  • @dpjennifer Ameritrash games typically have a highly developed theme, characters, heroes, or factions with individually defined abilities, player to player conflict, and usually feature a moderate to high level of luck meritrash games are games that can have complicated rules or take a long time (stole the definition from Firefly is a game I LOVE, based kinda on the TV show Firefly (which I also love), but has a lot of moving parts to it - you play a pilot, with goals, that typically have 2-3 component parts, and can take hours to play. Eurogames take on average 30 min per game.

    @prpl11butterfly It was fun :) Water color flowers. Looking forward to another girls night like that in the next few months.
    Me: 36 | DH: 41 | Married: 9/29/07 | DD: December 2018 | BFP: 2/1/21, EDD: 10/6/21
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  • 1. Introduce yourself (if new)

    Hi this thread was suggested to me this morning when I changed my status from “pregnant”. I have been experiencing a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy over the past few days. I went in yesterday and received the Rhogam shot and was given the all clear to keep trying.
    2. Status?
     I guess once the bleeding stops, I’ll be WTO.
    3. R/R: I still have breast tenderness and keep getting reminded that a few days ago I was on top of the world. I got on Pinterest last night and had all of these suggestions relating to announcing a pregnancy.
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite game (card, board, video, etc)?
    I love Monopoly!
  • @katy0990 sorry that you have to join us. It's cruel when your apps start sending you reminders.
  • Welcome @katy0990 and sorry for your loss
  • Welcome @katy0990.  I’m sorry for your loss.  Those apps really hit me in the gut.  I can very much sympathize.  I swear I couldn’t figure out how to get out of every e-mail list for almost a month and I was losing it, and your browser and even text histories have those adds popping up in Pinterest and even Instagram constantly.  It’s one of the things I had to explain to my mother about miscarriage nowadays... back when she experienced it they didn’t have an app e-mailing them what fruit size it should’ve been every week! 
  • katy0990 Sorry for your loss, but welcome to our little group. Those reminders can be the worst. As ccvslp said, there are so many nowadays. I don't know if it's still happening but about a year ago people who signed up for certain reminders or lists or whatever online ended up having their info shared, and so when they should've been around 7-8 months PG, they suddenly got things in their email and mail about diapers and formula! What a gut punch. :( Hopefully you can get 'un-enlisted' for everything, but just like everything else after MC, it's a process.
  • welcome to the group @bethica83 and @katy0990, it's not a spot any of us want to be but these ladies area amazing. The roller coaster ride after MC just plain sucks. It does get easier as time passes and then sometimes for no reason whatsoever you have another crappy day like I am today. No reason, it's been 5 months since my last mc and yet I broke down in tears in the shower this morning. Don't get me wrong, most days I'm doing much better but the pain is still there and always will be. Hugs to you both on your days ahead
  • Hugs to you @40momma. You aren’t alone. I have days like that too or something super meaningless makes me cry and I realize it’s my MCs that are really bothering me.  

  • So today I ran to target to pick up a couple things and when I came out this woman was standing there 7 months pregnant or so and smoking!  I just wanted to slap the woman!!
  • @Mack2342 it's so frustrating seeing that. I have an acquaintance on fb that posted a video of herself doing a frontflip on a trampoline when she's 7.5 months pregnant. I'm sure she's a fantastic gymnast but have some common sense. I'm all for exercising during pregnancy but thats can't be safe. My other girlfriend who lost her baby at 8 months wants to strangle the lady. 
  • @40momma I agree.  Keep it safe.  That would frustrate me too
  • @Mack2342 I hate seeing that so much! Right before my cp, there was a lady smoking at the bus stop, and the smoke was blowing in my face. I'm not a confrontational person, but I wanted to go up to her and ask her to smoke elsewhere because I was pregnant. She turned around (I was initially facing her back) and she was at least 7 months pregnant herself! My jaw dropped and I didn't say anything. Unbelievable. 
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