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Severe hip pain while sleeping

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and for the last week I've been waking up at night with severe hip pain. Once I'm up it usually goes away after a while. Any moms going through this, and what do you do to ease it?

Re: Severe hip pain while sleeping

  • izza2izza2 member
    Yep, chances are it's your sciatica being a pain in the butt.

    Use a pillow to adjust your position, take a Tylenol before bed, keep a heating pad next to your side of the bed for easy/convenient use.
    Generally when I get it in the middle of the night, the only thing that works for me is Tylenol. It hurts to move and changing positions don't relieve it much for me, heating pads haven't done squat, but the Tylenol works to dull the pain so that I can fall back asleep.

    There are also a multitude of stretches you can do, along with considering massages or a chiropractor to help square out any issues with your spine/back that would be causing the pain.
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  • I'm not sure I would call it severe, but I had really bad hip pain with DS that woke me up every hour all night long. I just rolled from one side to the other any time it woke me up. There was nothing wrong with me, it was just a standard painful side-effect of being pregnant.
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  • Yup got it super bad with DS where i literally had to sleep sitting/reclining towards the end. I am 24 wks now and the pain has started. Like izza2 said stretching, heat, massage, Tylenol, and pillows can help ease some of it. Sciatica pain sucks. Also maybe try a belly belt during the day.
  • Yup. I slept with a pillow between my knees. Helped some but not a ton. Absolute worst part of pregnancy for me was side sleeping. So uncomfortable. I remember coming home from the birth center and carefully crawling into bed on my stomach and then my back. I laid there and moaned with pleasure and told my husband, "this is so amazing!!!"
  • Yep, full body pregnancy pillow helps. Try to rest whenever possible. Or you can schedule a prenatal massage to ease the pains and aches of pregnancy.
  • Happens to me when I dont use a pillow between my knees. Almost never happens when I use my pillow though!
  • Yup. Welcome to the really uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. It usually only gets worse from this point, but after your baby is born, you can assume your normal sleeping positions.
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