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It’s been too long !

I haven’t used this app in about a year ! I was so active during my pregnancy and after my baby girl was born, but once she started to grow I got busy with her (being my first child) but now she’s almost 3 ! And I miss talking with you all and learning things from all you smart ladies who have done this before and even the ones who are first timers like me ! Feel free to say hi ! 
Good to be back ! 

Re: It’s been too long !

  • I hear ya!! We are pretty active in the Facebook group, if you would like to join!! I just randomly decided to check on this today haha, glad I did!!

  • I don’t use Facebook :( but I appreciate you responding !
  • Mhm okie dokie I thought I'd see! How is your little one doing?? My 2.5 year old is a spitfire crazy boy haha

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