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  • KFrobKFrob member
    @krzyriver My DD has also been all about daddy and it's starting to hurt my feelings!  I totally would have done the same thing
  • Oh- and last Sunday, I threatened to hit someone if they “complimented” me again.  F’ing creep. 
  • @knottieamusements I'm so over people asking me the sex when I mention I'm pregnant. Yes, we plan on finding out, but why does everyone need to ask? 
  • @sammierose464 - I think it may be generic small talk - it is deemed a relatively safe question, but a lot of others are really not.  Maybe we need to come up with safe impersonal questions people can ask?

    But yeah- I offer to hit those people for you too.  ;)
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    @sammierose464 I think people just dont really know what other questions to ask, so that's the first thing that comes to mind?
  • @eireyes My DS was always a mama’s boy, so I loved this when it started. Now he pushes me away so he can hug H. I’m over it!!!!

    E will be 18 on July 24th
    Z was born October 16, 2016
    #3 Due October 9, 2018

    MC - November 29, 2012
    CP - November 15, 2014
    D&C for MMC - October 13, 2015

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    @sammierose464, +1 for people are awkward and don't know what to say.  I find myself doing that by default if it's someone i don't know very well.  Like, "oh congrats, boy or girl?"  and in hindsight i'm like, why did i ask that, gah, i'm so awkward.  

    @bel194 A very, vibrantly colored zebra?  you're fine girl.
  • @eireyes I am with you! My DD only wants me if I am any where around.  Last night at dinner she was basically climbing into my shirt to hug me.  I don't want to diminish her affection but some times a mama just needs 5 minutes. lol  My hubby and I always joke she would crawl back inside me if she could :)  
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @lest12 My 2 year old loves Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  She also watched Wonder Woman with us.  
  • @lest12 - I’m seriously debating what to do with my upstairs TV when I dismantle the library to make it into a nursery.  Put it somewhere that I can park a toddler in front of it, or banish it to nowhere.  (I literally haven’t had a TV on in over a month- no comment on my computer usage...)
  • eireyeseireyes member
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    @drb2424 that's probably what my DD would do if given the option. I literally sneak into the house when I get home from work if the kids have gotten home first, just so I can try and change my clothes and pee in peace!

    @krzyriver we joked that the cure to my DS's mama's boy phase was having DD. The phase came back, but my H and I joke that this having another kid to cure the mama phase is really not a sustainable solution :D
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  • Definitely ate a GIANT burrito for lunch, a donut for a snack, and tator tots for dinner yesterday.
    This morning I've seriously contemplated a three day old donut. I bet it's still delicious.
    Oh, and H wants donuts for birthday breakfast on Sunday.

    @aels12 #teamdonutforthewin
    @chopchop25 are we the same person?? My DHs bday is on Sunday too, and I love donuts :wink:
  • That's true, the "boy or girl" question is probably just what comes to mind. I usually want to respond with "does it look like I'm far enough along to know?" But that's just me being grumpy. 

    We bought a new TV at Christmas and put our old TV in our bedroom. It's been used maybe twice? I've been highly considering putting it in SS's room. But then I feel like all he would do is watch Netflix... But then I could watch my shows downstairs...

    Hopefully this one comes off with the best intent that it's meant to. Coming into SS's life when he was 3, by the time we truly bonded he was past his cuddly stage. Even now, he mostly cuddles daddy. One thing i'm really looking forward to with "having my own" is the cuddles and momma's boy/girl thing. I love to snuggle. I love my SS, as much as if he was my own child. However, I'm really looking forward to having that right from birth bond with this baby.
  • @sammierose464 I totally get it. I met my SS when he was 12. He’s my son and he calls me mom and I over him just as much as DS. But oh the snuggles! They’re the best. Nothing beats these new memories I’m making. 

    E will be 18 on July 24th
    Z was born October 16, 2016
    #3 Due October 9, 2018

    MC - November 29, 2012
    CP - November 15, 2014
    D&C for MMC - October 13, 2015

  • coffee-saurcoffee-saur member
    edited March 2018
    My two oldest were daddies babies, still are really, and I guess my FFFC is I never minded! I still did get cuddles and if they are hurt, I'm the fixer-upper

    Eta: crazy thing deleted over half of my post! Oh well... It's too much work to try and fix it. 
    DS 6/6/10
    DD 3/15/12
    DD 6/3/14
    #4 Due 10/26/18!
  • @kiwi2628 I find that perfectly acceptable (all of it).

    DH is on 12s today through the weekend. And probably most of next week too.  He hates it, but I kinda enjoy the time. The only thing that sucks is that we both feel like crap so nothing is getting done.
  • @lest12 I personally express my disdain for the tablet thing because as a Teacher I see how much it is impacting my students. It has nothing to do with me trying to make myself out as a better parent. My 2.5 watches quite a bit of Paw Patrol. However, my elementary aged students are obsessed with their phones, tablets and video games and I definitely see it negatively impact them at school because they have no boundaries with technology. 

    I wish my kid kid was a daddies baby sometimes!!!

    Also, I’m totally guilty of asking people how old their kids are, especially if they look close to DS age. 

    My FFC is that I’ve had a few dishes in my sink a work since I started feeling nauseous two months ago and I just washed them today. Washing dishes makes me gag so bad. 
  • So jealous of all the donut talk going on in this thread. Now you all made me want donuts! 

    AFM, one of my guilty pleasure shows is Jane the Virgin, and my FFFC is that I was legitimately upset last night when I went to watch the next episode recorded on my dvr, only to find out that somehow 2 or 3 episodes got deleted! I know they recap at the beginning of each episode so I kind of caught up, but I feel like I missed so much! First world problems! 
  • @pumpkinpancake I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick one up when we go get dinner tonight.
  • KFrobKFrob member
    I just flossed at my desk at work
  • KFrob said:
    @lest12 My 2 year old loves Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  She also watched Wonder Woman with us.  
    @kfrob - ah it's not just us! He loves everything Avengers.  


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