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Middle name for Leo, and initials conundrum

My husband and I are pretty settled on Leo for a first name. 

In consideration for a middle name (we have some kind of unusual/unconventional ones in there) :

Leo Oliver 
Leo Abram (Abram is my brother's first name) 
Leo Oscar
Leo Rufus
Leo River
Leo Austin
Leo Cosmo

Like any of those? Or, give us suggestions! We like old fashioned names and nature-y names. 

Second conundrum: We haven't decided if we're going to give baby my husband's last name (which starts with a G) or hyphenate and use both our last names (mine starts with a D, so the hyphenated initials would be D-G.) I am a bit worried that if we go with husband's last name alone, middle names beginning with an O or an A would be ruled out (how bad would it be if baby's initials were LOG? or LAG? I am really not sure!)  Could be solved by hyphenating our last names, but not entirely sure I want to saddle the kid with a double-barreled last name (but that's another convo!)

Thank you!!

Re: Middle name for Leo, and initials conundrum

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    I like Leo Abram, and I don't think LAG is a terrible word for initals. 

    Leo Desmond
    Leo Julian
    Leo Tobias
    Leo Clyde
    Leo Alastair
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    I like Leo Abram and Leo Cosmo. Log/lag isn’t horrible so I wouldn’t worry about that.

    Other middle name suggestions

    Leo Vincent 
    Leo Oswald
    Leo Harold 
    Leo Frederick 

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    The short little words that are spelled out by initials are harmless . Just make sure that it isn't anything offensive or embarrassing. I sometimes think that this topic is over thought.
    Leo Gus
    Leo Marcus
    Leo James
    Leo Paul
    Leo Patrick
    Leo William
    Leo David
    Leo Joseph
    Leo Abram......(Love this) 
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    Initial are fine and I like Abram or Oliver
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    I don't like it when the middle name begins with the letter/sound the first name ends with so I don't like Leo with any middle name beginning with "O" (taking out Oliver and Oscar). I feel similarly with any name beginning with any vowel (taking our Austin, and Abram), as the names seem to blur together and I don't like a mn that ends in the same way as the first (taking out Cosmo). I suggest choosing a mn that begins with a sharper sound-- R is fine-- which leaves Rufus or River. I don't like River at all so I guess that leaves me with Leo Rufus, which honestly isn't my favorite but seems better than any of the others. How about:

    Leo Robert
    Leo Carson
    Leo Henry
    Leo Francis
    Leo George

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    I am a teacher in a school in which there are many families with progressive parents whose children have a hyphenated last name.  Socially and politically, I can certainly see the appeal.  However, I have to say that high school kids almost UNIVERSALLY hate having to deal with this. It's especially bad if the parents each kept their original surname, and only the kids have to deal with the hyphen.  By hs many of them are either consistently using the initials or dropping one of the names on everything that's not official. 

    I like Leo Oscar G_______.  Having the word "log" as your initials is fairly innocuous.  There are plenty of initials that spell much worse 3-letter words.  If you can't handle 'log" I would go with Leo Rufus G_______.  Also a great name!
    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 7th grade
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    Abram is my favorite and I vote to avoid the hyphenated last name.
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    I would probably name him Leo Yourlastname Husbandlastname. This would avoid having to hyphenate, avoid awkward initials, and give him a middle name that really means something.

    Leo Austin or Abram are my favorites, i don’t think LAG as initials are an issue
    Me (31) & DH (32)
    Married 9/27/2014
    DD Born 6/23/16
    Baby #2 Due 3/7/20
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    laurenm2123 has the best idea. Do that.
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    The initials are no big deal. I like the first three options. 
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    Abram is by far the best in my opinion (and it honors your brother!)

    anyone else read “Leo Oscar” and think “yeah, but not as many as he should have won”? Lol
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    Thanks for your replies, and all the great suggestions! 
    We probably won't hyphenate. I don't want to burden the kid! 

    It seems like the middles that are coming to the top of the heap are mooooostly Oliver, Abram, and Oscar, which are honestly my faves of the original list as well. 

    Other suggestions I like: Marcus, Paul, Carson, and Henry. (Henry is actually my FIL's name. We love it but husband's sister has already used it for her kiddo.)
    Great suggestions, keep em coming!
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    PS. We were initially considering Silas as a first name, but probably won't use it. Would it work as a middle for Leo, or is that awkward? Leo Silas? 

    Another one I really love the sound of is Leo August- but I realized the astrological sign Leo actually falls mostly in the month of August, so that might be too weird for a kid who will likely not be born that month at all. 

    Oh- I also don't like when the middle name begins with the same sound as the first name ends with. The reason Leo Oliver and the like don't bother me is that the O is pronounced differently- one ends with the "Oh" sound and the next begins with more of an "Ah" sound. Does that make sense? But I do know what you mean- more contrast between the sounds might be better. 
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    Love Silas. It’s my son’s name. I don’t think it’s the best flow as a middle name though. Silas Leo sounds much better than Leo Silas in my opinion. 
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    I love Silas too. I think you're right: it doesn't flow as a middle for Leo. 
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    JMU_Bride09JMU_Bride09 member
    edited April 2018
    The flow of Leo Silas is slightly off but not enough that it would deter me from using it if it was my favorite choice.  I also really like Leo Abram from your original list and like the idea of using your maiden name/your last name as your baby's middle.  Some other ideas:

    Leo Adrian
    Leo Alexander 
    Leo Andre
    Leo Basil
    Leo Blaise 
    Leo Brutus
    Leo Charles
    Leo Curtis
    Leo Devin
    Leo Dominic 
    Leo Edgar 
    Leo Finn 
    Leo Harmon
    Leo Hector 
    Leo Jacob
    Leo James 
    Leo Jude 
    Leo Julian
    Leo Millard 
    Leo Octavius
    Leo Parker 
    Leo Pierce 
    Leo Preston 
    Leo Rene
    Leo Sebastian 
    Leo Simon
    Leo William
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    That's a great list! 
    Devin is my husband's name, and while I like it, we had not considered using it as a middle...but now you mention it, it sounds nice with Leo!
    I like 
    Leo Devin, and Leo Alexander, both very much. 

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