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Ahoy there! (Loss + child mentioned)

hello friends! I’m 35 and TTC #2. I have a 6 year old girl.  I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks but baby stopped growing at 6 weeks back in October. It sucked. After a long, protracted miscarriage (took about 2 months of bleeding... so dumb) we’re trying again and a couple of months in. I hate TTC and I find I’m a lot more anxious this time — due to probably my age and the previous loss.  It’s nice to have somewhere to share those anxieties and celebrate others’ successes. 

Re: Ahoy there! (Loss + child mentioned)

    • @ChasingTheDog Hi there & welcome. I'm sorry for your loss and that you had a rough miss. We understand the anxious part but this is a great place to conn, give support and get support. GL!
    Me: 42, dx: DOR (AFC: 5), low AMH (0.163), blocked tube, fibroid
    DH: 44, dx: ED (uses Cialis), low count/motility (17 million/44%)
    ~Our History~
    2012: April married <3 , begin TTC
    2013: Jan: BFP #1, mc at 11 weeks (Trisomy 10), D&E :'( ; Nov: HSG=blocked right tube, SHG=polyp, fibroid
    2014: April: polypectomy; May-Nov: TTC, Dec.= BPF #2, DS born 8/28/15 via C-section <3
    2016: Oct.-Dec.: TTC 
    2017: Feb.-Aug: benched due to Zika virus threat (Feb.=trip to Philippines) :( , Sept.-Dec.: TTC
    2018: Jan.-Apr.: TTC
              May: IVF #1 w/ ICSI/AH: 6R, 3M, 2F; day 3 transfer of both embies; poor quality (E1=grade 3, E2=grade 4)

    May 2018 IVF Spreadsheet:

  • Hi @ChasingTheDog i’m So sorry to hear about your loss. Welcome and I hope your stay here is short! Come on over to our weekly check ins!
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  • Hi @ChasingTheDog and welcome! This is a great group and I hope your stay here is short! We are ttc #2 also (DD is 4).
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