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Cervical checks

Since these checks will be starting shortly (if not already), how do you relax during them?

Share your tips!

Re: Cervical checks

  • I need the tips more than anyone!! I am just not comfortable with people down yonder. My doctor did the strep b test this week and said “oh honey, I don’t know if you’re cut out for a vaginal delivery.” Haha. I was like “ya that’s fair.” I immediately tense up when doctors come at me. I don’t scoot up the table but lift my butt which says causes more tension. She said keeping your pelvis down will work more in your favor. She made me sit there in the stirrups for the rest of my appointment while we talked to get me used to it. A previous doctor once told me to wiggle my toes to relax.

    This is my second pregnancy (the first ended in a csection after failure to progress) but I was totally fine with the checks after the epidural! I am scheduled for a csection but if I go into labor early and I actually progress we’re just going to see what happens. 
  • @btm013 I just think to myself that they must see so many vaginas during their working week, So seeing mine is just another day at the office :D 
    All dignity went out the window when I had 7 nurses and doctors around the bed just before I started to push my son out. I was sure they were going to get the popcorn out! I gave them all some not so friendly words and they left shortly after. 
    I close my eyes, take a deep breath and tell myself it's for the best that I'm having the tests done. 
    The amount of times I've had my legs up in stirrups and had a friendly chat with the nurse  :D It's good to make light of a situation like that.

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  • Just a reminder that you don't have to have the cervical checks at your appointments.  You can just decline them.  I realize once you go into labor you'll have to do it, but why put yourself through it if you don't want to at your appointments.  It might be worth looking into some meditation techniques for labor and delivery.  
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  • Oh ya I totally declined them with my first until the 39th week. Then I wanted to know what they would be like so I was prepared. 

    I will do the same this time around and decline them (this week was just the strep B test). But then I wonder if I should just have her do it so I am used to them? 

    Its not so much people staring at my woo-ha (or maybe it is?) but them poking around down there with objects (qtips, speculum, etc). I am shockingly “better” (using that term loosely) during pelvic exams at my yearly. But they REALLY get up there when checking for dilation!! When I was in labor and my husband saw them do it he was horrified haha. 
  • @btm013, not sure if your doctor has you do this, but mine has me bend my legs with my feet together and knees wide apart. That position seems to help. Another doctor in the practice didn't have me do that and it was more uncomfortable. Although I also imagine some doctors are more painless than others. Besides that position I just try to very consciously relax and loosen up and breath. Plus keeping in mind it's pretty quick and it's not like the doctor is really looking much at all with their eyes (unlike during a vaginal delivery of course).
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    So now I’m confused. What really goes on during a Cervical Check? Is it just them taking a look at your cervix or is there more to it? They don’t do them at my doctors office unless you are 40 weeks plus....
    or ask them to. 
  • tmhallam said:
    So now I’m confused. What really goes on during a Cervical Check? Is it just them taking a look at your cervix or is there more to it? They don’t do them at my doctors office unless you are 40 weeks plus....
    or ask them to. 
    They insert their fingers to measure if your cervix is dilated.  That's why sometimes they say "You're only a fingertip dilated."  They don't look at anything, they feel it.  For some women it hurts and is very uncomfortable.  I never find them that bad, until I'm in labor, then they hurt.
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  • I think I only had my cervix checked when I went over due with my daughter. It does hurt quite a bit during labor when they check. After birth is a lot worse to see if you have torn or grazed. I know it's coming third time around and I'm definitely using the gas and air! 
  • With my first they checked around 38 weeks and I was SO shocked by how much it hurt and I'm usually very relaxed during things like that. This time he checked quick after my strep B and nothing was going on, but it also didn't hurt either which I was surprised about. Because I was not dilated/thinning/effaced at either. 

    To answer the question, I literally don't think about it ...completely think about other things when they start to go down there, that keeps me relaxed and I don't stress myself out ahead of time. (I know easier said then done :) )
  • I had one today. I’m 40w+4d and cervix is completely closed! Bummer because I was hoping for a membrane sweep to nudge things along. Now we are having to discuss induction in a few days. Or at least starting a cervix ripener. 
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    I don’t tend to find these exams very painful... Only if they use a speculum. In that case I just keep on repeating to myself that it won’t take long, and take deep breaths.

    Today’s my due date and there’s no sign of the baby. She’s fully engaged, and I’ve been 70% effaced and soft for the last 4 weeks (don’t know the current situation). They’ll consider inducing next week, I have an appointment with a cervical check coming up then.
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  • @tmhallam at my last doctors appointment my cervix was completely closed as well but went into labor that night!! Crazy how the body works. Hope you go on your own but I was induced with my 2nd baby and it wasn't that bad. Good luck!!
  • I squeeze my husband's hand ridiculously hard and try to breath deeply - the more tense I am, the more awful it is (which makes me tense more and so forth).  Dissapointed that the past 2 checks haven't shown any progress - I'm due in four days but haven't progressed past barely open and barely effaced.
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