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Advice on ovulation after cp?

Hello ladies, 
I originally joined as a November mum to be, but sadly at 5 weeks it turned out to be a chemical. 
This was 5 days ago and I'm still getting loads of womb pain, though no bleeding. My boobs/nipples hurt all the time I'm feeling almost like I'm still pregnant.. tho as I know I am not I'm beginning to believe that maybe I am ovulation? Could that be possible so sopen after losing? 
Thanks in advance x 

Re: Advice on ovulation after cp?

  • Hi, I’m sorry for your loss. 5 days is very early, most likely you’re experiencing leftover symptoms from your pregnancy. My loss was right after 4 weeks, and my boobs were still sore a week later! 

    While it’s possible to get pregnant the cycle directly following a loss, any sort of tracking will be close to impossible. Your best bet is to sit this one out, wait for your period and start trying next cycle. If you want to try this cycle, go ahead, but you won’t be able to pinpoint ovulation, and dating any potential pregnancy will be much more difficult. Most doctors will advice you to wait one cycle, so if you really want to try so soon, ask your doctor what they think first.
  • I’m sorry for your loss.  Were you getting betas done that confirmed the loss?  Just confused since you say you aren’t bleeding yet.  Typically the bleeding with a CP is like CD1, after my CP I ovulated on CD15 which was only a day later than my usual.  If you still haven’t started bleeding your cycle might not follow your typical pattern right away, but you almost certainly wouldn’t be ovulating yet.  If your doctor has cleared you to start trying again right away I would start using OPKs about 10 days after your first day of bleeding. 
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  • I bled from 4 weeks, but line kept getting darker and darker and bleeding was only light. Then at 5+1 the baby came away. It was very clearly a 5 week fetous too :( quite traumatizing tbh then the day after the baby came away the lines started to fade and are now almost invisible. 
    Very unconventional way of doing it I know. Last cp I had, I got a faint bfp for 4 days not getting darker then bled on the day the line disappeared. Just like a regular period. Then ovulated on CD13 .. This time it's all very weird 
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