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Traveling with Baby

Anyone taken their LO on a trip yet?  H and I have traditionally taken long weekend vacations over spring break (he gets the days off, I do not).  Nowhere far, just somewhere a little bit warmer (we're in Michigan).  Half a days drive, a city we haven't been to before, etc.  He really wants to continue this tradition with LO, but he hasn't stayed overnight anywhere but our house and I'm not sure what it will be like in a hotel with him.  Also just the logistics of his routine, where/when he eats, etc.  I think it would be good for us, but it's stressing me out thinking about it.  Any words of wisdom?  As of now, the plan is about a 4 hour car ride and staying a hotel in downtown Cincinnati where we could walk to a lot of things.  

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  • We've flown and have done weekends away. We kept eating schedule the same, he slept in the hotel provided crib. I'm breast feeding and doing BLW so it's easy to feed him a little of what I'm eating. The biggest challenge was napping on the go but we just put a blanket over the stroller and blasted white noise. 
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  • We do smaller overnight trips to visit family frequently. We often cosleep when on the road. That helps DD to adjust of difficult nights. I don't feel like it is too bad when they are this age. I just pack lots of extra outfits for her and always have 2 on me. It can be a little trickier to find places for her to stretch and move around if we are out all day.
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  • I love travel, so I don’t mind the challenge of bringing kids along. The joy of travel is being off your routine. So, so what if the baby is? Just accept it, acknowledge there may be some more crying than normal sometimes, and go for it. Teach your kid to be adaptable! And throw out the rules.
    Our son NEVER got screentime...except in the car, otherwise he’d scream and cry the entire time. 
    One option is to drive after bedtime so he’s more likely to sleep through it.
    (I know that’s easier said than done to just relax. My husband gets so anxious about travel with kids that it can ruin our time, and I find that really frustrating.)

    We stayed at the Westin in downtown Cincy with our kids. Plus is that it has a pool, super convenient, they have real cribs not just PnP. We found it overpriced and were annoyed that we had to pay for internet. And it just seemed kind of outdated. But I’d probably stay there again, haha
  • I took LO on a plane when he was 4 months old. The flight was only 1.5 hours and he did great. I brought the car seat and stroller that it attaches into on the plane. We ended up gate checking it, but it was much easier to maneuver through the airport with it. We went to a friends house, so he slept in a pack and play, but did great adjusting to the differences! 

    I think it was harder for me since he was sleeping in the same room as well. We have had him in his own room since coming home from the hospital, so hearing him move all night kept me up.
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    Update to this: we did a weekend away and LO did great!  We only went a couple of hours though, baby steps for sure.

    Next up is an out of town wedding when he will be almost 11 months.  It'd be a much longer drive, 7-8 hours, and we'd need to somehow find a babysitter for the night of the wedding.  Also possible to leave him at home with Grandma for a few days, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that.  Anyone with experience getting an out of town babysitter like that?
  • Can you take a friend or family member with you? We’ve taken my sister with us in the past. 
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